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Introduction to railway industry in Germany

German rail history began with the opening of the steam-hauled Bavarian Ludwig Railway between Nuremberg and Fürth on 7 December 1835. On 3 October 1990 when Germany was reunified a decision was made to completely re-organise and reconnect Germany's railways. On 1 January 1994 the State railways Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn were formally reunited to form the current German Railway Corporation (Deutsche Bahn). Total rail length is 41 315 km and the track gauge is 1435 mm.

Railway companies in Germany

RDC Deutschland GmbH

RDC Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of Railroad Development Corporation (RDC). We rent out passenger wagons and offer trains to Sylt as well as auto trains in DE.
RDC Deutschland GmbH logo

Siemens Mobility GmbH

We, Siemens Mobility, have been a leader for seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions for more than 160 years. As a leader in transport solutions, we shape connected mobility.
Siemens Mobility GmbH logo

ERR European Rail Rent GmbH

To ensure quality in your transport, you look for partners who make this task easy for you. ERR is synonymous with advanced product and service quality in renting of wagons.
ERR European Rail Rent GmbH logo

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VTG Aktiengesellschaft

Focus on rail: Alongside the leasing of freight wagons and tank containers, we also provide multimodal logistics services and integrated digital solutions.
VTG Aktiengesellschaft logo

Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG

We transport your goods intelligently and efficiently, we use a combination of rail and road. We choose the best mode of transport for your goods and get them safely to their destination.
Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG logo

ENON Gesellschaft mbH & CoKG

ENON GmbH & Co.KG is a company with a focus on the railway business. Among other things, it has experience in the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles and rent of locomotives and wagons.
ENON Gesellschaft mbH & CoKG logo

Schalke Locomotives GmbH

Schalke Locomotives develops, manufactures and supplies its locomotives to locations throughout the world. We are specialists in catenary wire and battery powered locomotives for urban transport systems, industry and mining.
Schalke Locomotives GmbH logo


Europe’s most flexible logistics partner in rail freight transport.

Hessische Güterbahn GmbH

The Hessische Güterbahn GmbH is a Germany-wide operating railway company in the field of goods traffic and construction site logistics.
Hessische Güterbahn GmbH logo

KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH

A leading provider of transport finance solutions.
KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH logo


FORWARDIS is a rail and multimodal freight forwarder, whose mission is to be an architect of alternative logistics solutions all over Europe and beyond (Asia etc.).


BBL LOGISTIK provides safe transport, the provision of specialist staff, internal or external construction site logistics, complete logistics planning or workshop services.

TIGGES Rechtsanwälte

TIGGES law firm advises entrepreneurs and companies from Germany and abroad on all questions of commercial law, as well as private individuals on the various issues relating to their assets.
TIGGES Rechtsanwälte logo

Deutsche Leasing AG

Deutsche Leasing Group is a manufacturer-independent German leasing company based in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe/Germany.
Deutsche Leasing AG logo


Since Fall of 2016, we have transported travelers to the island of Sylt and back, quickly and safely, in their vehicles, at a favorable all-in-one price that covers all passengers and luggage.
RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH logo

ElbePort Wittenberge GmbH

ElbePort Wittenberge is an efficient multi-purpose terminal on the Middle Elbe River and is thus strategically located between the metropolises of Hamburg and Berlin.
ElbePort Wittenberge GmbH logo

Hamburger Rail Service GmbH & CO. KG

Hamburger Rail Service offers you a wide range of rail operations. We are a partner for a wide range of services in rail operations and provide qualified railway operating staff etc.
Hamburger Rail Service GmbH & CO. KG logo

Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH

The company offers shunting operations, wagon technical inspections and clearance. Port and rail handling is optimally interlinked with port and rail operations.
Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH logo

RDC Asset GmbH

RDC Asset GmbH specializes in vehicle leasing (dry lease, full service) and vehicle management (ECM I-III).
RDC Asset GmbH logo

GATX Rail Europe

GATX Rail Europe is a leading, full-service railcar lessor offering a high-quality and diversified fleet for customers in over 20 European countries.
GATX Rail Europe logo

Norddeutsche Eisenbahn Niebüll GmbH

Norddeutsche Eisenbahn Niebüll GmbH is a medium-sized company in the district of Nordfriesland with currently 79 employees. It has the following divisions of the former Nordfriesische Verkehrsbetriebe AG (NVAG)
Norddeutsche Eisenbahn Niebüll GmbH logo

BTE BahnTouristikExpress GmbH

Within the RDC Group, BTE specialises in long-distance and night services and is thus active throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries.
BTE BahnTouristikExpress GmbH logo

Kraftverkehr Emsland GmbH

Kraftverkehr Emsland GmbH is your reliable partner when it comes to individual logistics services.
Kraftverkehr Emsland GmbH logo

TUL agroservice GmbH

Specialised in agricultural goods transport with affiliated IVECO contract workshop.
TUL agroservice GmbH logo

HRS Cleaning GmbH

We offer mobile interior and exterior cleaning during normal locomotive downtime. And this at short notice on the spot.
HRS Cleaning GmbH logo

Ostmecklenburgische Bahnwerk GmbH

Ostmecklenburgische Bahnwerke GmbH offers a wide range of services for the maintenance, restoration, modernization and repowering of rail vehicles.
Ostmecklenburgische Bahnwerk GmbH logo

Schienenfahrzeugwerk Eberswalde GmbH

The Eisenbahnfahrzeugwerk Eberswalde GmbH in Eberswalde stands for maintenance, repair and conversion of freight wagons at the highest level.
Schienenfahrzeugwerk Eberswalde GmbH logo

Baltic Port Services GmbH

Baltic Port Services GmbH offers an extensive range of services in the field of operational or heavy maintenance, the modernization of rail vehicles or in the field of conversion or re-motorization.
Baltic Port Services GmbH logo

SRI Rail Invest GmbH

SRI Rail Invest is the medium-sized rental company active on the market of electric locomotives, passenger wagons and electric multiple units.
SRI Rail Invest GmbH logo

VTG Rail Logistics GmbH

The rail logistics division specializes in Europe-wide rail transport with private and state railways. We determine our carriers according to the individual requirements of our customers.
VTG Rail Logistics GmbH logo

Havelländische Eisenbahn AG (HVLE)

As a private RU, we have the opportunity to respond in a special way to the special wishes of each customer and offer tailor-made transport solutions of high efficiency and quality.
Havelländische Eisenbahn AG (HVLE) logo

SFS Safety Flooring Systems

SFS Safety Flooring Systems is a construction company, developing and selling high quality anti-slip products. Furthermore, in terms of sustainability, we are working climate neutral.
SFS Safety Flooring Systems logo

RailWatch GmbH

RailWatch an innovative technology: The pulsar technology! A wayside monitoring system for the fully automatic recording of technical conditions on freight wagons as they drive past.
RailWatch GmbH logo


RAILPOOL is one of the leading railway vehicle leasing companies offering real expertise for full service from a single source. Founded in 2008 in Munich.

Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH (EGP)

The business area of EGP is the provision of logistics and transport services from a single source as well as the creation of innovative transport concepts.
Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH (EGP) logo

Rhenus Rail GmbH

Your professional partner for rail assets.
Rhenus Rail GmbH logo

BBL Technik GmbH

To ensure that all vehicles are always ready for use, the latest diagnostic, maintenance and repair technology is available in our workshop. Our competent workshop employees take care of your rolling stock.
BBL Technik GmbH logo

SCI Verkehr GmbH

SCI Verkehr is as a strategic consultancy company focused on the international railway and logistics industry. We support our business partners in optimising their processes.
SCI Verkehr GmbH logo

Anhaltinisch-Brandenburgische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (ABEG)

As a certified maintenance center, we develop individual maintenance concepts for you, provide railway personal service and rent freight wagons.
Anhaltinisch-Brandenburgische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (ABEG) logo

GEFCO Deutschland GmbH

GEFCO is one of the top 10 global players in multimodal supply chain solutions, developing innovative and flexible solutions worldwide to address the most complex supply chain challenges.
GEFCO Deutschland GmbH logo

Rhenus Rail Logistics GmbH

Your professional partner for complex rail transports.
Rhenus Rail Logistics GmbH logo

Rhenus Rail St. Ingbert GmbH

Your professional partner for cross-border traffic between Germany, France and Switzerland.
Rhenus Rail St. Ingbert GmbH logo

International Rail Freight Business Association (IBS) e.V.

Together for the renewal of rail freight transport in Europe.
International Rail Freight Business Association (IBS) e.V. logo

Menlo79 GmbH

With “WILSON.” Menlo79 offers a modern and intelligent way for dispatching drivers and other operational staff by using AI algorithms and easy communication between office and operational staff.
Menlo79 GmbH logo


With us you get all the benefits from one hand. From the railway company preparations, the annual construction and operation planning, to the application of the construction, operation instructions.

Regio Infra Nord-Ost GmbH & Co. KG

Regio Infra Nord-Ost GmbH & Co.KG is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the rail network in the RegioInfra Group.
Regio Infra Nord-Ost GmbH & Co. KG logo

Bahndienstleistungen Sebastian Schlemmer GmbH

We are an owner-operated company in the field of education and rail transport, but we also know our way around other areas, such as construction site transport.
Bahndienstleistungen Sebastian Schlemmer GmbH logo

Eisenbahn-Bildungs-Akademie EBA GmbH

The Eisenbahn-Bildungs-Akademie, or EBA GmbH for short, has set itself the goal of inspiring and training people for the profession of "railwayman".
Eisenbahn-Bildungs-Akademie EBA GmbH logo

Ermewa SA (Branch Berlin)

Ermewa SA is a European leader in railcars leasing, founded in 1956. Company meets the highest needs and challenges of all industry sectors with a wide range of railcars (fleet: 40 000 railcars).
Ermewa SA (Branch Berlin) logo

smart rail GmbH

Advising companies in the rail industry, organizing and carrying out rail traffic, organizing rail vehicle owners.
smart rail GmbH logo