RAILMARKET.com is the world's largest professional database for the entire rail industry. All potential customers for your products and services can easily find you. RAILMARKET.com NEWS brings you the most important news from the world of rail every day, including news about your company.

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Our story

RAILMARKET.com means new customers, efficient and targeted marketing and communication in 6 languages.

Back in the day, the only way to find new relevant partners in the rail industry was to attend a trade show or conference, pay a lot of money for tickets or a presentation stand, or be lucky enough to meet them in the right place at the right time. Networking was very complicated due to the variety of information and the lack of complete and quality business directories. At the time of the global pandemic, even this very limited way of networking stopped and there was no way for railway companies to present their own products and services.

The RAILMARKET.com database was created as a solution for a modern way of communication, where the most important information, updated news and contacts of each company are collected and categorised.

Companies present themselves through their profile page in a very efficient way, at a fraction of the costs they used to pay for fairs or conferences.

Companies can also gain visibility through articles about them in the popular NEWS section.

“ The only way to find new relevant partners was to attend a trade fair or conference ”
Mission statement

We believe that quality information is the cornerstone of a successful business ecosystem. Our intelligent railway network and unique railway search engine are here to make life easier for railway managers and employees.

Our proudest moments
Over 5000 companies in the database across 70 countries and 60 categories
Popular rail industry NEWS with more than 30,000 readers every month
Rail industry readers and stakeholders from all over the WORLD
Partnerships with major railway companies around the WORLD
The fastest information from the world's most important railway occurrences
News is translated by artificial intelligence into 6 x world languages