Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH

The company offers shunting operations, wagon technical inspections and clearance. Port and rail handling is optimally interlinked with port and rail operations.

Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH

The Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH and the Deutsche Eisenbahn Service AG jointly operate the independent public railway transport company Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH.

The company offers shunting operation, wagon inspection as well as customs clearance operations.

The BPRM is member of the international railway committee CIT, a network of around 200 railway and shipping companies operating cross-border passenger and / or freight transport. The BPRM is also registered with the international railway association UIC.

The Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH (BPRM) is located in the north-eastern part of Germany, on the island Rügen, in Mukran Port.

The site is one of the five largest ports on the German east coast. It thus occupies a prominent position among the large-scale industrial sites in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The direct access to the open sea allows unhindered navigational approach without compulsory pilotage. The water depth of 12.5m and modern berths make the port accessible to almost all ship classes which operate in the Baltic Sea region.



Shunting operation is one of the main tasks of the Baltic Port Rail Mukran GmbH (BPRM). This also includes the operation of ferries and terminals in Mukran Port. The technical inspection and inspection of freight wagons is carried out by the wagon technician.


  • Preparation of consignment notes
  • Delivery/acceptance of accompanying documents to partner railways
  • Customs clearance
  • Order of freight wagons
  • Mediation of sea and connecting cargo
  • Organization, registration and execution of special transports


The BPRM has the official approval to provide the customers with skilled personnel such as:

  • Train driver
  • Escort shunting staff
  • Wagon technician.

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