Bahndienstleistungen Sebastian Schlemmer GmbH

We are an owner-operated company in the field of education and rail transport, but we also know our way around other areas, such as construction site transport.

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The railroad services Sebastian Schlemmer were originally founded in 2013 as Lokfahrdienst Sebastian Schlemmer in Lamstedt (Lk. Cuxhaven).

In 2021, the old idea was made fresh again and renamed: Railroad Services Sebastian Schlemmer was born. What has remained is our motto "Railway with passion - with safety!", because today we still stand for a safe operation of the train journeys we carry out and supervise.

We are an owner-operated company from the rail passenger transport sector, but we also know our way around other areas, such as construction site transport.

Our permit for employee leasing was approved by the Kiel Employment Agency and has been valid since March 15, 2023.


Since October 2021, I have been appointed by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) as an examiner to conduct examinations for the subareas of:

  • General technical knowledge
  • Vehicle-related technical knowledge
  • Infrastructure-related technical knowledge
  • Language skills


We have over 20 years of experience in railroad operations and know the business from many sides. If you need a view from the outside on a certain process or would like to have someone from the outside take a look at why things always falter in some places, we will be happy to assist you.

Externally and impartially.

We offer our services (training & consulting) primarily in Germany, but we are also there for our customers worldwide and help them find the best solution.