Havelländische Eisenbahn AG (HVLE)

As a private RU, we have the opportunity to respond in a special way to the special wishes of each customer and offer tailor-made transport solutions of high efficiency and quality.

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Traction vehicles



We are a successful private railway company, on the move for our customers throughout Germany and its neighbouring countries. We create custom-made solutions for our customers: a high-level of efficiency and quality is our standard because customer satisfaction comes first at HVLE.

Business portfolio – Transportation services:

  • Just in time supply
  • Bulk freight and hazardous goods transport
  • Know-how for the execution of special operations

Sixachsle Locos for heavyweight transport:

–       BR 159 EuroDual Full Hybrid – Stadler

–       BR 250 Blue Tiger Diesel – Bombardier

–       BR 264 Maxima 40CC – Voith

Fourachsle Locos:

–       Traxx BR 246 Diesel – Bombardier

–       Traxx BR 285 Diesel – Bombardier

–       Traxx BR 185 Electric – Bombardier

Shunting Locos:

–       BR 295 Diesel – MaK

–       BR 203 Diesel – LEW Hennigsdorf