Ostmecklenburgische Bahnwerk GmbH

Ostmecklenburgische Bahnwerke GmbH offers a wide range of services for the maintenance, restoration, modernization and repowering of rail vehicles.

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OMB GmbH offers a wide range of services for the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles. The availability and economic efficiency of locomotives, railcars and passenger coaches are ensured by a comprehensive service. Our technical know-how covers the entire life cycle and all components of the vehicles - from new vehicles to museum railways, from fire detectors to braking systems. OMB GmbH is a reliable partner for operators, manufacturers and leasing companies. 

The company's services include: 

We carry out maintenance on the following vehicles:

  • Electric multiple units (EMU)
  • Diesel multiple units (DMU)
  • Electric locomotives
  • Diesel locomotives
  • Steam locomotives
  • Passenger coaches
  • Goods wagons
  • Track-laying machines
  • Road-rail vehicles
  • Special machines

Operational maintenance

Within the scope of operational maintenance, we undertake all activities in accordance with §§ 32 and 33 EBO throughout Germany.

Our services:

  • Carrying out all maintenance, periodic and inspection work as well as repairs as required
  • Examination of the traction and impact equipment
  • Examination of the running gear
  • Repair of the brakes
  • Inspection of the electrical equipment
  • Inspection and repair of Indusi/SIFA
  • Examination of analogue and digital train radio
  • Repair of EBuLa
  • repair of signalling equipment
  • inspection of fire extinguishing and fire alarm equipment
  • Inspection of the installations for hazardous substances
  • Testing and repair of door controls
  • Wheelset processing   

Heavy maintenance:

The areas of responsibility include carrying out overhauls, the production and reconditioning of, for example, wheelsets, traction motors, bogies and electronic components. The repair of accident damage to vehicles, as well as painting and anti-graffiti sealing are also carried out by OMB GmbH.

Our services:

  • General inspection according to §§ 32 and 33 EBO
  • Retrofitting and adaptation work
  • Trial and special work
  • Replacement of: diesel engines and siesel generator systems, fluid power transmissions, electric traction motors and traction motor fans, axles and brake fans
  • Repair of diesel engines on demand
  • Repair of accident vehicles
  • Repair of violent damage
  • Measurement and repair of vehicle frames and bogie frames
  • Carrying out welding work
  • Execution of non-destructive material testing (UT,MT,ET,VT, PT)
  • Painting work
  • Measurement and weighing of rail vehicles
  • Rheostat adjustments on DE locomotives
  • Modernisation

                                - diesel engines and diesel generator systems

                                - fluid power transmissions

                                - electric traction motors and traction motor fans

Restoration and modernisation projects

OMB GmbH develops reconditioning and modernisation projects to meet the respective customer requirements. OMB GmbH can recondition old vehicles by updating systems or creating new designs. Obsolete equipment is replaced by technically advanced solutions. This guarantees that reconditioned vehicles achieve better reliability and availability values.

Our services:

  • Reconditioning of diesel engines up to maintenance level W 6
  • Complete reconditioning of transmissions
  • Complete overhaul of final drives
  • Bogie reconditioning
  • New marking and banding of wheelsets
  • Installation of train radio systems GSM-R, Indusi systems PZB 90 and EBuLa, ETCS
  • Installation of Indusi, train radio, Sifa, tachograph and radio remote controls
  • Modernisation and installation of preheating systems
  • Modernisation and installation of electrical systems
  • Installation of locomotive control systems
  • Installation of braking systems
  • Application for and support of commissioning authorisations and approvals of structural subsystems at the EBA for rolling stock remotorisation


The remotorisation of locomotives and railcars has the advantage that it can be a real economic alternative to the procurement of new vehicles. The remotorisation of locomotives and traction units can improve many characteristics to the level of new vehicles and also increases the reliability and availability of the motorised rail vehicles. Remotorisation also reduces operating costs and exhaust emissions. Reduced vibrations and noise protection measures simultaneously increase comfort for operating personnel and passengers.

Our services:

  • Adaptation or renewal of cooling systems and control systems
  • Adaptation of transmissions to the new engines
  • If required, vehicles are collected for maintenance and a transfer planning is carried out by the workshop

Mobile maintenance

In the event of accidents or damage, we provide support directly on site with the help of our mobile specialists and our relief train. We can also offer our services for longer-lasting on-site repair assignments.

Vehicle transfer

After maintenance work has been carried out, a vehicle transfer is possible. 

Photos by: Tobias Kramer – macmv.de