ELP and RCG forge partnership to develop hybrid locomotives

ELP and RCG forge partnership to develop hybrid locomotives
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The dual-mode locomotives, capable of operating in both diesel and electric modes, promise to enhance efficiency and loading capacity by up to 40% on key German-Austrian routes.

European Loc Pool (ELP) has announced a partnership with Rail Cargo Group (RCG). The collaboration aims to increase RCG's operational efficiency and competitiveness by integrating EuroDual hybrid locomotives into its fleet.

The EuroDual locomotives offer dual power modes - diesel and electric. With a tractive force of 500 kN and the ability to generate up to 2.8 MW in diesel mode and 6.2 MW in electric mode, these locomotives offer up to 40% more loading capacity than conventional models. This improvement is particularly significant on the German-Austrian routes, where the EuroDuals will primarily be used.

Cenk Seringölge, Managing Director of Rail Cargo Logistics – Germany, highlighted the flexibility these locomotives bring, especially in managing the costly first and last mile of transport routes. “Their hybrid capability allows for continuous traction, which significantly enhances our competitiveness and enables us to offer customized logistics solutions,” he stated.

The agreement also includes the delivery of three EuroDual locomotives between the end of 2024 and the first half of 2025. The move is expected to provide Rail Cargo Group with significant long-term cost efficiencies and a strong competitive advantage in the German market and beyond, Seringölge said.

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