Amazon partners with Mercitalia and TX Logistik to connect distribution centres by rail

Amazon partners with Mercitalia and TX Logistik to connect distribution centres by rail
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The FS Italiane Group's Logistics Hub, in partnership with Amazon, has initiated an agreement aimed at transferring goods between Amazon's distribution centers in Germany and Italy using rail transport.

This initiative minimizes the volume of international road freight, thus reducing both CO2 emissions and congestion on major European roads. Additionally, it is anticipated to assist Amazon in streamlining its inventory management and shortening delivery times, thereby potentially improving customer experience.

The rail links to and from Germany are part of Mercitalia’s strategic plan, aligning with the European goal of transporting 30% of goods by train by 2030. In 2022, their sustainable logistics model reportedly prevented approximately 1.8 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions across their operations.

The Duisburg-Pomezia and Herne-Verona routes are crucial for the Logistics Hub, connecting key logistics hubs in Germany with Northern and Central Italy. The FS Group's program includes three weekly trains from Duisburg to Pomezia, operated by Mercitalia Intermodal, and six round trips between Herne and Verona, managed by TX Logistik. According to Logistics Hub estimates, these routes, at full capacity, could prevent up to 9,000 tons of carbon emissions annually compared to international road transport.

Lorenzo Barbo, CEO of Amazon Italia Logistica, noted Italy's geographical suitability and Alpine connections as advantageous for exploring the benefits and opportunities of rail intermodal sector growth. He stated that expanding the partnership with Mercitalia allows for further development of sustainable intermodal operations and increased use of rail for goods transport between Amazon's European sites. Amazon's approach to innovation includes exploring more efficient delivery methods, with rail transport being a key focus. A prior agreement between Amazon and Mercitalia in 2021 marked a significant step towards improved delivery times for customers and reduced CO2 emissions.

The FS Group, through its Logistics Hub companies, is working to strengthen and extend its direct presence in Europe, aiming to become a system operator leveraging significant national and transnational railway infrastructure.

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