100 new wagons for LKAB from Kiruna Wagon

100 new wagons for LKAB from Kiruna Wagon
© LKAB / Fredric Alm

So far, over 1,100 units of the classic ore wagon have been produced.

Kiruna Wagon, a company established in 2004, has secured an order from LKAB, its initial and primary client, for 100 new F050 bottom dumping wagons. These wagons are designated for the transportation of iron ore products to LKAB's ports in Luleå and Narvik. Over 1100 units of this model have been manufactured since its introduction.

The production of the F050 model is a collaborative effort involving Kiruna Wagon and several subcontractors. The manufacturing process for this batch commenced in autumn of 2023, with the first wagon completing approvals by November 30. The production of the remaining wagons is in progress, with deliveries scheduled to continue throughout the year.

The production and delivery of these wagons by Kiruna Wagon are part of an ongoing relationship with LKAB, which includes past deliveries totaling 1130 wagons between 2006 and 2013. The new order serves both as a replacement for older units and as an expansion of the current fleet.

Additionally, Kiruna Wagon has implemented a maintenance program that involves reinforcing the wagon baskets with a more durable type of sheet metal to extend their operational lifespan. This "lining" process has been applied to 722 wagons to date.

The F050 wagons are critical to the ore transportation infrastructure, each capable of carrying 100 tons, with a full train set transporting a total of 6,800 tons of iron ore products. Special editions of these wagons, including a gold-painted wagon to mark the 1,000th unit, and another painted with the rainbow flag, have been noted for their distinctive appearances.

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