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Introduction to railway industry in Sweden

Rail transport in Sweden uses a network of 15 006 km. Construction of the first railway line in Sweden began in 1855. The major operator of passenger trains has traditionally been the state-owned SJ AB. In 1988, prompted by SJ's large deficits, the Swedish parliament privatized the network by ordering that the ownership of rail infrastructure be separated from the ownership of train operations. The track gauge is 1 435 mm.

Railway companies in Sweden

Midwaggon AB

Preventative maintenance helps you shorten downtime and streamline your business. Our knowledge of common errors makes it possible to fix things in advance.
Midwaggon AB logo

Artex AB Sweden

We design, redesign, manufacture, refurbish and upgrade seats, covers and other interior components for trains, buses, ships and airplanes.
Artex AB Sweden logo

MTC Sweden AB

MTC Sweden AB is your competent partner in the fields of vehicle interior and exterior cleaning, basic and intensive cleaning for rail vehicles and buses in public transport and long-distance traffic.
MTC Sweden AB logo

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Abetong AB

Abetong is one of the leading precast manufacturers worldwide in design and production of prestressed concrete sleepers for railway lines.
Abetong AB logo

Nordiska Tåg AB

Nordiska Tåg AB runs transports on the railway in Sweden. Our largest customer is the Swedish Transport Administration as we drive converters and long-distance transports on their behalf.
Nordiska Tåg AB logo

ALSTOM Transport AB

Alstom is holding several large maintenance contracts and is offering maintenance in 10 local depots, including a depot in Motala specialising in heavy maintenance and refurbishment.
ALSTOM Transport AB logo


For the rental of freight wagons TRANSWAGGON is renowned throughout Europe. It has at its disposal roughly 13,500 wagons, from flat to covered and custom designed wagon types, satisfying all needs.

Duroc Rail AB

Duroc Rail delivers complete, efficient and high-quality maintenance on railway wheels. We are located in Svartön's industrial area in Luleå.
Duroc Rail AB logo


We specialize in renting out locomotives and other railway equipment. With our background in logistics and finance, we also offer our customers efficient transport arrangements.
BLS Rail AB logo

Vänerexpressen AB

We move large amounts of goods over long distances. This combined with flexible car transport makes us a strong partner for your specific logistics needs.
Vänerexpressen AB logo

LS Cargo Logistics AB

Since 2016 LS Cargo has been active in Sweden. The main experience and main focus are global export projects (door-door, door-port), European trucking (IG and OOG) and heavy pieces.
LS Cargo Logistics AB logo

Tågfrakt Produktion Sverige AB

The company's main focus today consists of domestic freight transport by rail and also has its own material as a operator.
Tågfrakt Produktion Sverige AB logo


Our mission is to give our customers a better journey at a better price. We have two trains that operate between Malmö and Stockholm.
Snälltåget logo

Investment AB Bure

Investment AB Bure is a wholly owned subsidiary that owns and operates the leasing of locomotives. The business was started in January 2013.
Investment AB Bure logo

Nordic Re-Finance AB

Rental of locomotives and track-bound work & two-way machines. We have 90 rail-bound vehicles suitable for scheduled traffic, switching & contracting.
Nordic Re-Finance AB logo

Hector Rail AB

Hector Rail is the largest private train operator in Scandinavia offering freight services. A modern company with efficient processes and technical solutions.
Hector Rail AB logo

SweMaint AB

SweMaint is Northern Europe’s leading supplier of maintenance and repair services for wagon owners and other rail freight operators.
SweMaint AB logo

Real Rail Sweden AB

Real Rail Sweden AB is active in rail transport and freight traffic. We are part of Sandahl Group.
Real Rail Sweden AB logo

Sandahlsbolagen Sweden AB

Sandahls is constantly on the move. Around the clock, mile after mile, we deliver quality to our customers in logistics and contracting. Our assignments take us to all corners of Sweden.
Sandahlsbolagen Sweden AB logo

TMR Logistics

Our goal is to strengthen the region Örebro with a strong locally located terminal operator.
TMR Logistics logo

Nordic Bulkers AB

Nordic Bulkers specilizes in national and international transport, warehousing, handling and other logistics services for dry and liquid bulk products.
Nordic Bulkers AB logo


GDL is a company that offers a strong concept in transport, machinery and logistics services. We are established in over 20 locations around the country ins Sweden.
GDL AB logo

Träfraktkontoret i Göteborg AB

Our core focus is export of forest products in containers and we handle annual approximately 60 000 TEUs Sawn timber, pulp and paper.
Träfraktkontoret i Göteborg AB logo

SJ AB (Statens Järnvägar)

SJ is a Swedish travel partner that offers sustainable train travel, both as an independent operator and in collaboration with others.
SJ AB (Statens Järnvägar) logo

ScandFibre Logistics AB

ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) is the largest logistics company in Sweden for rail transport to the forest products industry.
ScandFibre Logistics AB logo

Baneservice Skandinavia AB

The Baneservice Skandinavia business concept is to be a supplier of rail-based transport and terminal services. This comprises: shunting, terminal operations and transportation.
Baneservice Skandinavia AB logo

CFL cargo Sverige AB

CFL cargo Sverige, is the CFL cargo subsidiary located in Nässjö in Southern Sweden. CFL cargo Sverige provides traction services for freight trains on the national Swedish market.
CFL cargo Sverige AB logo

Flexiwaggon AB

Flexiwaggon offers new and unique solutions for intermodal freight transports on railways and roads. It enables lorries, buses, cars and containers to be transported on the same wagon.
Flexiwaggon AB logo

Mantena Sverige AB

Mantena provides modern maintenance services for the new railway sector. Focusing on sustainability, innovation and efficiency, we continually work to expand our range of services.
Mantena Sverige AB logo

Mertz Transport AB

Mertz Transport AB is an independent transport company with national distribution coverage that always puts the customer (BtB) in focus.
Mertz Transport AB logo

Trelleborgs Hamn AB

Port of Trelleborg is the largest RoRo port in Scandinavia (for rolling traffic). Eight RoRo berths with different ramp systems and rail connections offer excellent conditions for efficient handling.
Trelleborgs Hamn AB logo

Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen AB

TÅGAB conducts freight and passenger traffic in Norway and Sweden. In addition, the company leases locomotives to other transport companies.
Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen AB logo

Svensk Tågkraft AB

We have the locomotives and the motives for the future Svensk Tågkraft helps players and entrepreneurs on the track to maintain and increase their competitiveness.
Svensk Tågkraft AB logo

Port of Gothenburg (Gothenburg Port Authority)

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia and the gateway to the world for a large proportion of Swedish industry.
Port of Gothenburg (Gothenburg Port Authority) logo


BSJG AB provides premises, rail capacity and expertise that the rail industry needs to carry out maintenance on its vehicles.
BSJG AB logo

Green Cargo AB

Green Cargo is a sustainable logistics partner and crucial for Scandinavia’s trade and industry. We serve close to 300 locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Green Cargo AB logo

NetRail AB

Netrail is the only company in Sweden approved and certified according to ECM (all four levels) and the VPI rules to be able to provide service on carriages.
NetRail AB logo


Located on Scandinavia, YILPORT Nordic terminals offer best solutions among its multipurpose peers. The terminals are located at different countries in Scandinavia.
YILPORT Nordic logo

SCA Logistics AB

SCA Logistics provides competitive logistic solutions and continuously improved services throughout our customers supply chain. That increases the value of our client's products.
SCA Logistics AB logo


Taking a multi-channel approach with all distribution channels successfully linked, we offer our customers a secure and reliable system for their most demanding logistics requirements.
DACHSER Sweden AB logo


NTEX is one of the fastest growing transport companies in Sweden. We are an engaged partner that works in step with your company, making sure that your logistics and transports are constantly improved and refined.
NTEX AB logo

VÄTE Rail, Trafik och Teknik AB

We offer consultancy services to companies in the railway sector, for example in production, efficiency and business development. You can hire us as a service provider of depot services etc.
VÄTE Rail, Trafik och Teknik AB logo

Kiruna Wagon AB

We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of ore wagons and logistic systems for heavy rail transports above and below ground.
Kiruna Wagon AB logo

Essinge Rail AB

Essinge Rail AB has been established in the Nordic transport market since 2006. The company conducts international transport and forwarding operations from Europe based on the forest industry's conventional railway system.
Essinge Rail AB logo

Elcowire Group

Elcowire Group is the leading supplier of copper wire rod, wires, stranded conductors, overhead catenary wires and profiles made from copper, copper alloys and aluminium.
Elcowire Group logo

Rail-X AB

We are certified according to the EU standard EC 445-2011 since the requirements were introduced in May 2013. However, our experience in external maintenance management goes back further since the company was founded in 2000.
Rail-X AB logo

TKL Logistics AB

We bring your goods all the way from your supplier to your door and can offer you a complete solution that you can be confident with.
TKL Logistics AB logo

Dellner Couplers AB

Dellner has been in the railway industry for 80 years, building its reputation on decades of groundbreaking research and advanced design. Train Connection Systems.
Dellner Couplers AB logo

Greencarrier AB

Greencarrier Freight Services is a freight forwarding company that offers smart and sustainable logistic solutions and supply chain management services.
Greencarrier AB logo

Euromaint Rail AB

Euromaint offers qualified technical maintenance to meet customer requirements for well-functioning rolling stock fleets of passenger and freight transport.
Euromaint Rail AB logo