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RailWatch an innovative technology: The pulsar technology! A wayside monitoring system for the fully automatic recording of technical conditions on freight wagons as they drive past.

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RailWatch is an IT company from Bonn, Germany, founded in 2015. Because the freight wagon has neither an internal power supply nor an internal BUS system it does not report any condition data. Consequently, expensive unplanned repairs and costs for shunting efforts often occur. However, it is not always possible to carry out the necessary and safety-relevant repairs on site or in a nearby workshop. As a result, the wagon is shunted for the first time to the nearest siding for days or weeks. It is therefore all the more important to obtain information about the state of wear of the technical components in order to be able to act in time and make predictive maintenance possible.

RailWatch has an innovative technology for exactly this purpose: It’s called Pulsar technology! A wayside monitoring system for fully automatic detection of technical conditions on freight wagons as they pass by. By using camera and sensor technology in combination with artificial intelligence (AI), conditions on freight wagons are detected and recorded. In the RailWatch BigData Cloud, all data from the broad intelligent station network is processed and provided to the customer as a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution via a web portal or any interface. Pulsar technology serves as a "technology enabled service."

The RailWatch data simplifies the maintenance process for the customer by enabling predictive maintenance and also supports the wagon inspection required before each train departure. The data show precisely which wagon and on which axle has damage according to CGU (General Contract for the Use of Freight Wagons) already during the train journey. The result of our continuous measurements is shorter vehicle down times, fewer breakdowns, greater environmental protection and consistently safe rail freight traffic.



Our clients can choose which data they want to receive about their freight wagons. In any case, we offer a clear presentation of all information on the technical condition of all locomotives and wagons. Our clients can see immediately whether there is any critical wear, and when and how maintenance is required.

  • Wagon identification
  • Wagonprint
  • Brake blocks
  • Wheel flats
  • Axle load
  • Wheel profile