The company exists since 1945 and is a manufacturer of rail tank cars, stationary and transportable pressure tanks, cylinders and road tankers with four plants located in Poland and France.


CHEMET GROUP consisting of CHEMET S.A. in Poland and CHEMET GLI SAS in France is the largest manufacturer of stationary and transportable pressure tanks, cylinders, road tankers and rail tank cars for liquefied gases located in the European Union.

A products group called “railway tanks” is the fastest growing group within the company.

In 1996 CHEMET S.A. delivered to the market the first batch of 30 pieces of pressure tanks for railway tank cars.

Since then a company has designed, manufactured and delivered more than 8000 pieces of railway tanks made of carbon steel and stainless steel. In 2012 CHEMET S.A. made a very significant step in its history: the company designed and manufactured the first complete 112m3 railway tank cars for transportation of LPG.

Today CHEMET S.A. is offering on a daily basis:

  • wagons for LPG (113.5m3, 116.3m3, 117m3),
  • wagons for ammonia (105m3, 108m3),
  • wagons for butadiene (125m3),
  • chemical tank car optimized for transportation of caustic soda with a tank made of stainless steel and 68.5 tons of payload (55m3),
  • at the last Transport & Logistic Exhibition we introduced our complete novelty in VR experience – railway tank car for transportation of CO2 (62m3).

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