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Introduction to railway industry in France

The first rail line in the country opened in 1827 from Saint-Étienne to Andrézieux. The SNCF, the national state-owned railway company, operates most of the passenger and freight services. France currently operates the second largest European railway network, with a total of 29 901 km of railway. The track gauge is 1 435mm

Railway companies in France

Ermewa SA

Ermewa SA is a European leader in railcars leasing, founded in 1956. Company meets the highest needs and challenges of all industry sectors with a wide range of railcars (fleet: 45 000 railcars).
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Agorastore operates large numbers of auctions of used equipment from public authorities and large companies, offering the chance to find great deals and save money.
Agorastore logo


We are shortliner operator. We securely transport your goods all the way, from the first to the last mile. RegioRail is a subsidiary of the company Eurorail, and belongs to the RDC group.
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Touax Rail Limited

TOUAX RAIL is the second largest lessor of intermodal railcars in Europe. Our tailor-made and flexible leasing solutions from short through medium to long term lease.
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Modalis S.A.S

Since 2002, MODALIS is known as a major actor in rental, trading & consulting for the intermodal transport, modal shift and mobile storage.
Modalis S.A.S logo

Captrain France SAS

A leading player on the rail-freight market and for logistics operations on industrial sites, CAPTRAIN France boasts a nationwide presence.
Captrain France SAS logo


MAFELEC TEAM is specialized in the design of subassemblies and equipment operating in harsh environments.


Professionals in the rental of equipment for intermodal, combined or multi-modal transport as well as mobile storage, COMBIPASS is recognized for knowledge and experience.

Contargo North France SAS

Our terminals around Valenciennes link the industrial region of western France with the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.
Contargo North France SAS logo

cotac France SARL

cotac offers interior cleaning and exterior washing, and ensures proper cleaning at all locations. We are one of the largest full-service providers in the world, to check and repair your equipment.
cotac France SARL logo

Crouzet SAS

Crouzet components have key functions in the transportation industry, ensuring safety and reliability for railway, automotive and special vehicles.
Crouzet SAS logo

Delta Rail SAS

Are you an industrialist, freight forwarder or shipper? We offer you the possibility of transporting groups of conventional wagons, containers of all types, from your site to the destination branch.
Delta Rail SAS logo


DEVISMES designs and manufactures locks and closing systems for trains, trams and metros.
Devismes logo


Dipostel offers products and solutions relating to friction, transmission or braking, for rail transport and industry sectors.


Since 1955, DIRUPTOR designs, makes and markets magnetic circuit breakers, also thermal circuit breakers and magneto-thermal circuit breakers. Located in the most tramways, subways and also high speed trains, we are therefore experts in the railway circuit breaker market.

Dubuis SAS

For more than 50 years, the DUBUIS name has stood for precision mechanics and design. Their strong reputation and vast experience with hydraulic tools for the electric industry have created an industry-leading company, exporting products to more than 30 countries worldwide.
Dubuis SAS logo


Founded in 1976, ECOFIT designs, manufactures and sells electrical motors and fans. ECOFIT proposes fans for the well-being of the railway men, passengers and the protection of equipments.
ECOFIT S.A. logo

Ederlog Multimodal

We are the leader in multimodal transport from the Atlantic Arc. EDERLOG is a unique human-scale solution close to its customers, open which integrates all employees at all levels until the result.
Ederlog Multimodal logo


Ems Concept is the alsatian specialist in pneumatic and hydraulic solutions. Initially motor manufacturers, we quickly specialized in the making of pumps and compressors for the many regional industries.
EMS-Concept logo

Erion France S.A.S.

Located on the Montceau les Mines railway site, the Erion France railway maintenance workshop welcomes its customers' locomotives for all types of maintenance.
Erion France S.A.S. logo

Fimor SAS

FIMOR has 3 specialized departments FIMOR-POLYURETHANE, FIMOR-SERIGRAPHY and FIMOR-ELECTRONICS. FIMOR has developed polyurethane compounds that meet the specific requirements of the railway industry.
Fimor SAS logo


FLCI GROUP, created in 2009, is an international Group specialised in Seating.

Fonderie GHM

Specialist in mechanical parts: grey, nodular and special cast iron.
Fonderie GHM logo

Forgex Raguet SAS

FORGEX is a European industrial hot forging group. FORGEX France manufactures carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel parts from a few grams to 40kg in weight.
Forgex Raguet SAS logo


We advance our clients’ innovations worldwide by designing and manufacturing smart lithium-ion battery systems for the electromobility markets, to accelerate their energy transition.

Froidcombi SA

Based on this experience, Froidcombi has established itself as a key player in the transport of fresh and frozen products as well as for messaging.
Froidcombi SA logo


Getlink regroups four major commercial brands: Eurotunnel, Europorte, ElecLink and CIFFCO.
Getlink logo

Howden Solyvent-Ventec

Howden is a leading global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products.
Howden Solyvent-Ventec logo


J.Lanfranco locknuts are used in passenger rail, freight, track works, electrification, and buses.

JST Transformateurs SAS

JST transformateurs draws on over more than 50 years experience in design, manufacturing, and maintenance of electric transformers.
JST Transformateurs SAS logo

LAF - Les Appareils Ferroviaires

With over 80 years'​ experience in the design of couplers and other railway component, our engineering office is among the most advanced in the industry.
LAF - Les Appareils Ferroviaires logo

Leach International Europe SAS

Leach International Europe is the world’s leading manufacturer of Leach® electromechanical and solid state switch gear for aircraft, defense, space, and rail applications.
Leach International Europe SAS logo

Leclanché SA

Leclanché SA is a world leading provider of high quality energy storage solutions, based on lithium-ion cell technology, accelerating our progress towards a cleaner energy future.
Leclanché SA logo

Lenoir Elec SAS

Lenoir Elec is specialised in designing and manufacturing custom-made off-load switches, bar contactors, load-break switches for the railway transport, industry and energy production sectors.
Lenoir Elec SAS logo

Leroy Automation

Leroy Automation designs, manufactures and sells automation products and components for railway, military and industrial applications.
Leroy Automation logo

Les Ateliers des Flandres

Les Ateliers des Flandres Actor in railway maintenance for more than 50 years Established in the heart of Europe on a historic rail hub Certified for more than 10 years AQFM (SNCF) and ISO 9001.
Les Ateliers des Flandres logo

T3M S.A.

T3M is a Combined Transport Operator specialised in the rail-route technique for continental and maritime transport.
T3M S.A. logo

Railcoop SA

Railcoop's ambition is to give meaning to rail mobility by involving citizens, railway workers, businesses and communities around the same mission.
Railcoop SA logo

RAMFER (Réseau des Ateliers de Maintenance Ferroviaire)

The new name for railway maintenance in France. RAMFER, the first network of private workshops in France, offers RUs and railway works companies to carry out their maintenance etc.
RAMFER (Réseau des Ateliers de Maintenance Ferroviaire) logo


We supply rolling stock manufacturers, railway operators and armoured vehicle manufacturers. We produce parts far manufacturers of pantographs, doors and brakes, among others.
Ressorts MASSELIN SAS logo

RM System

RM System is specialized in the branch of the railway subcontracting, with a fifteen years old knowledge and experience with the biggest railway companies.
RM System logo


We are freight wagon repair workshop in Saint Denis de l'Hotel - Loiret - France. The art of knowledge Iron Repair and transformation in two workshops.
SDH Fer logo


Shippeo is a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping major shippers and logistics service providers deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational excellence.
Shippeo logo

Socomec SAS

Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3100 people. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on power performance.
Socomec SAS logo


For the rental of freight wagons TRANSWAGGON is renowned throughout Europe. It has at its disposal roughly 13,500 wagons, from flat to covered and custom designed wagon types, satisfying all needs.

Welte Cardan-Service Strasbourg S.A.S.

Welte Group is a market leader in the segments of drive shaft, fluid power and tube bending technology with several locations in Germany and Europe.
Welte Cardan-Service Strasbourg S.A.S. logo


The innovative loading technique we propose allows any type of European-standard semi-trailer to be carried by train. We are a pioneer in our field.


Lighting and audible standard & custom-made solutions for rail transport

Terminal des Flandres SAS

Terminal des Flandres is the container operator of the port of Dunkirk. Specialized in port handling, we offer tailor-made services in an optimized environment.
Terminal des Flandres SAS logo

TAB Rail Road

Specialized in combined Rail Road transport, TAB Rail Road has 4 sites in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Saint-Thibery (Hérault), Créteil (Val-de-Marne) and Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).
TAB Rail Road logo