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Introduction to railway industry in Switzerland

The first internal line was a 16 km line opened from Zürich to Baden in 1847. In 1901, the major railways were nationalised to form Swiss Federal Railways. During the first half of the twentieth century the railways were electrified and slowly upgraded. Three quarters of the Swiss rail network is at standard gauge (1 435 mm), comprising 3 773 km (total length - 5 323 km). Approximately 865 km is at a narrow 1 000 mm gauge.

Railway companies in Switzerland

SBB Cargo AG

The Heart of the Swiss Economy
SBB Cargo AG logo

Hupac Intermodal AG

Hupac is the leading network operator in intermodal transport in Europe. For over 50 years we have pioneered innovative, reliable rail transport and thus made an important contribution to modal shift.
Hupac Intermodal AG logo

BLS Cargo AG

We take on the responsibility for transport for the entire route and let your traffic roll reliably from the north over the Alps to the south. Experts in rail freight services.
BLS Cargo AG logo

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Autech AG

At Autech, we remain one step ahead in every stage of development – from the first drawing to the last screw. This is the only way to ensure that our innovative, effective and efficient machines meet your requirements and those of your rail network.
Autech AG logo

Contargo AG

Contargo AG in Basel sets standards for speed and creativity in the organisation and control of container handling. At our sites in Basel / Chavornay we offer you depot facilities for the whole of CH.
Contargo AG logo

Gianni Ochsner Servizi Speciali SA (Centro Logistico Rivalorizzazione Materiali)

Gianni Ochsner Servizi Speciali SA guarantees maximum professionalism and efficiency with qualified personnel in terms of logistics, with specific knowledge and skills gained over time.
Gianni Ochsner Servizi Speciali SA (Centro Logistico Rivalorizzazione Materiali) logo

MFD Rail GmbH

As team of intermodal specialists, we provide a modern, highly available intermodal wagon fleet and are one of the best capitalized start-ups in the sector.
MFD Rail GmbH logo

Chiresa AG

Chiresa AG is a modern integrated waste management company. In the field of hazardous waste, she works out ecologically and economically sensible solutions for the reduction, recovery and recycling.
Chiresa AG logo

SBB Cargo International AG

Our focus is both on the north-south corridor and on complementary inland transport. There we stand for first-class rail freight transport at attractive conditions.
SBB Cargo International AG logo

Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway, abbreviated RhB, is a Swiss transport company that owns the largest network of all private railway operators in Switzerland.
Rhaetian Railway logo

Diversified Investments S.A.

Our company has ben established in 1969. We have own fleet of tank wagons which complies with the latest European regulations.
Diversified Investments S.A. logo

Rheinland Cargo Schweiz GmbH

The purpose of the company is to develop freight traffic for rail freight traffic between Switzerland and the Cologne economic area. The company operates public rail transport and promotes and carries
Rheinland Cargo Schweiz GmbH logo

Sécheron SA

We are the worldwide leader in electrical protection and switching solutions for rail transportation, energy-intensive industries and renewable energies.
Sécheron SA logo

Parametric GmbH

Parametric GmbH is an Engineering & Products Company located in Switzerland. We focus on highly reliable digital platforms for smart transport and smart infrastructure applications, turnkey solutions.
Parametric GmbH logo

3A Composites Mobility AG

A leading supplier of lightweight systems for road and rail. We overhaul interior and exterior FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) material and all kinds of laminate.
3A Composites Mobility AG logo

Ferriere Cattaneo SA

Ferriere Cattaneo has been active in the railway wagon consturction for more than 50 yeras. We have built well over 5000 Wagons of 30 different types.
Ferriere Cattaneo SA logo

Maillefer S.A.

Maillefer helps Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturers to exceed their goals. No limit is fixed for us.
Maillefer S.A. logo

Schwihag AG

The switch components, rail fastening systems, elastic rail fastening systems for switches, lubrication-free switches, slab track in bridge transition areas.
Schwihag AG logo

European Loc Pool AG

European Loc Pool (ELP) is aimed at railway operators and logistics companies all over Europe. Our offer consists of full-service leasing of capital-intensive hybrid locomotives.
European Loc Pool AG logo

Absopulse Marketing Europe GmbH

30 PSU specialists, concentrates in the design and manufacture of high-reliability, heavy-duty switch-mode power conversion products in harsh environment for industrial, railway, military, marine, airborne, mining, utility etc.
Absopulse Marketing Europe GmbH logo

Rhätische Bahn AG

With its cargoes of timber, raw materials, food and drink, materials for recycling or petroleum products, Graubünden's own goods line provides a vital link between rail and road.
Rhätische Bahn AG logo


EAO, a Swiss, family-owned company founded in 1947, has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial switches, complete custom HMI panels and interface systems.
EAO AG logo

Pixy AG

High-end Screenboards® for rail vehicles, visualization solutions for applications under difficult conditions. On the tracks. On the road. At the construction site. In the field.
Pixy AG logo

Arthur Flury AG

With many years of experience in railway technology, we manufacture quality products for modern overhead contact line construction. Concentration on the manufacture of H-class tested quality products.
Arthur Flury AG logo

HaslerRail AG

Sécheron Hasler Group is a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic safety components and solutions and traction power systems for the railway industry.
HaslerRail AG logo

HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH

The HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock Group consists of three individual companies that process the sale of railway vehicles inside and outside of Europe and conduct the renting and leasing rolling stock.
HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH logo

Borflex Rex SA

Deals in design, production, sale, and support of technical items made of elastic materials or the combining of elastic materials with rigid supports.
Borflex Rex SA logo

Nencki AG

Nencki AG designs and manufactures at the site in Langenthal, complex hydraulic and electric/electronic controlled machines for special customer requirements.
Nencki AG logo

Schweizerzug AG

We are the intermodal operator between Switzerland and Western ports of Rotterdam / Antwerp. We offer our connections to China as well.
Schweizerzug AG logo

Ziegler offers the multimodal service to and from several destinations in Europe, shipping by rail is the efficient, reliable & environmentally friendly solution. logo

Aareplast AG

Rail way technology components producer in Switzerland.
Aareplast AG logo

ACTS Abroll-Container-Transport-Service AG

Thanks to our many years of experience, we focus on logistics solutions for bulk goods in combined transport. We develop and operate the complete transport solution for you by rail and road.
ACTS Abroll-Container-Transport-Service AG logo

Nunner Logistics AG

Nunner provides leading logistics solutions to continuously improve customers’ global competitiveness with respect for people and planet.
Nunner Logistics AG logo

Aare Seeland mobil AG

Aare Seeland mobil is a modern, customer-oriented transport company based in Langenthal, which provides comprehensive services in the areas of regional transport, freight transport and tourism.
Aare Seeland mobil AG logo


Our primary goal is that your goods are safely on their way. We support you in the maintenance or modernization of freight wagons and use our many years of experience.

DB Cargo Schweiz GmbH

DB Cargo Switzerland is the Swiss subsidiary of DB Cargo, Europe’s largest freight railroad – so signals are always on green for your rail consignments within Switzerland and to the whole of Europe.
DB Cargo Schweiz GmbH logo

Schweizerische Südostbahn AG

The Swiss Southeast Railway (SOB) is a standard-gauge railway company in central and eastern Switzerland with headquarters in St. Gallen.
Schweizerische Südostbahn AG logo

Hochrhein Terminal AG

The Hochrhein Terminal is the ideal turnaround point for combined traffic. Crane and railway logistics are our core competencies.
Hochrhein Terminal AG logo

InterRail Holding AG

InterRail focuses on rail block trains along three corridors across the states of the former Soviet Union, from Europe to China, from Europe to Russia, to India, and along the Central Asian.
InterRail Holding AG logo

RAlpin AG

RAlpin AG is domiciled in Olten and operates the Rolling Highway through the Swiss Alps. Every year it transfers around 100,000 trucks from road to rail.
RAlpin AG logo


For the rental of freight wagons TRANSWAGGON is renowned throughout Europe. It has at its disposal roughly 13,500 wagons, from flat to covered and custom designed wagon types, satisfying all needs.

LSB Lok Service Balmer AG

LSB Lok Service Balmer AG is a leading service provider and repairer of diesel-powered ranged locomotives for private owners in Switzerland.
LSB Lok Service Balmer AG logo


STAG is a globally operating company in the bulk material technology sector. In addition to our core business Projects we serve our customers in the business areas Products, Service and Rail Wagons.
STAG AG logo


We are mobile wagon workshop. Our services include: replace brake blocks, annual maintenance on freight wagons, G4.3 mobile, mobile graffiti removal, mobile wheel set change etc.
rail360.Barthel logo

Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik AG

Your specialist for tailor-made solutions in the construction and railway sector. Ferdinand Maschinenfabrik AG has grown with the construction of road rollers and over the last 30 years.
Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik AG logo

railCare AG

As a Swiss transport logistics company, we transport your goods from door to door in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Our equipment is designed for the safe transport of goods.
railCare AG logo

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Matisa manufactures rail maintenance machines and provides associated services. Matisa produces a range of maintenance machinery for the rail industry including tampers and track inspection vehicles.
MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A. logo

ChemOil Logistics AG

ChemOil AG was founded in 1999 and is a subsidiary of SBB Cargo. The company provides high quality services for customers from the chemical and mineral oil industry.
ChemOil Logistics AG logo

wkeconsult GmbH

We represent established manufacturers of equipment for the railway industry in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Our target customers are the maintenance workshops for trains and level crossings.
wkeconsult GmbH logo

CEVA Logistics AG

CEVA Logistics AG provides logistics services. The Company offers freight forwarding, cargo transportation, contract logistics, warehousing, ground transport fleet, and distribution service.
CEVA Logistics AG logo