PJM and TRANSWAGGON: the end of manual inspection of wagons

PJM and TRANSWAGGON: the end of manual inspection of wagons

This initiative aims to save operational time and increase safety.

TRANSWAGGON, in collaboration with PJM, has introduced an option for railcar lessees to equip their wagons with an automated brake testing system and additional digital monitoring features.

The automated brake testing system, developed by PJM and integrated into the WaggonTracker digital system, allows for the complete automation of brake condition checks on freight wagons, eliminating the need for manual inspections around the train. The results of these automatic brake checks are immediately available to the train or shunting crew via tablets. This system has received positive evaluation from TÜV Süd and has been granted type approval by the Federal Transport Authority BAV for use by SBB Cargo, which has already been successfully using the system for years.

Moreover, TRANSWAGGON now offers its customers access to a range of digital monitoring features. The WaggonTracker system, known for its energy self-sufficiency and high performance, can be extended with customer-specific systems. Including automatic brake testing and monitoring functions in TRANSWAGGON's equipment portfolio is viewed as a logical expansion of their services.

Swiss TRANSWAGGON, present on the market since 1965, has a fleet of 13,500 modern wagons suitable for transporting a variety of goods including paper, cellulose, wood products, automobiles, consumer goods, construction materials, non-hazardous chemical products, steel, and ferroalloys.

The Austria-based PJM is an internationally renowned systems specialist for rail transport, having implemented projects in 30 countries across six continents. The company, founded in 2006, leads in automating and digitizing rail freight transport with its WaggonTracker system.

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