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Introduction to railway industry in Czech Republic

The first locomotive-hauled railway from Vienna to Břeclav opened in 1839. Following the fall of communism, the railway network was reopened to Western Europe. The first EuroCity trains operated in transitional Czechoslovakia in 1991. Total rail length is 9 619 km. Track gauge is standard - 1 435 mm.

Railway companies in Czech Republic

CZ LOKO a.s.

CZ LOKO belongs to the most important producers of shunting locomotives in Europe (hybrid,dual). The company has its own know-how, development, design, production and comprehensive service.
CZ LOKO a.s. logo

ČD Cargo, a.s.

The largest Czech railway transport provider. Offer the transport of extensive range of goods, from raw materials to products with high added value, transport of containers, exceptional deliveries etc
ČD Cargo, a.s. logo


We are one of the largest insurance brokerage companies operating in the Czech Republic. We provide corporate insurance and risk management services.
SATUM CZECH s.r.o. logo

Thein Industry

We carry on the Czech rail industry tradition and develop Czech know-how.
Thein Industry logo

COTRING spol. s r.o.

Our production program includes small welded parts as well as large weldments weighing up to 10 tons for various industries, such as the railway, engineering, chemical or food industries.
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Železniční dodavatelská s.r.o.

Our main activity is to meet the needs of companies operating railway wagons.
Železniční dodavatelská s.r.o. logo

SBS Cargo Praha s.r.o.

We are a traditional forwarding company, using of knowledge of generations of forwarding agents and transport companies.
SBS Cargo Praha s.r.o. logo

Valenta Rail s.r.o.

We operate rail transport on the national railway, regional railways and selected sidings. We will arrange for you to transport people and cargo, service the loading place, siding or work train.
Valenta Rail s.r.o. logo


NH - TRANS, SE logo

RND s.r.o.

We manage rail freight transport across half the world from Olomouc In combination with additional services and quality dispatching, we offer complex logistics solutions tailor-made to each customer.
RND s.r.o. logo

WYNX Pool s.r.o.

WYNX Pool was established in March 2019 as a subsidiary of the Dutch company WYNX B.V. as a specialist in railway repair, wagon rental and railway undertaking.
WYNX Pool s.r.o. logo

HSL - Logistik, s.r.o.

We offer the transport of complete trains with various goods, including dangerous according to the RID convention.
HSL - Logistik, s.r.o. logo

Lokorent Services s.r.o.

Long-term lease of locomotives
Lokorent Services s.r.o. logo


NYMWAG CS is one of the biggest European freight wagon manufacturers, with focus on flat and tank wagons, using its own bogies. Its production capacity and product portfolio is steadily expanding.
NYMWAG CS a.s. logo

Železnice Peštál s.r.o

We are a flexible, dynamically developing company. We provide some services in rail transport.
Železnice Peštál s.r.o logo

Ostravská dopravní společnost, a.s.

Ostravská dopravní společnost, a.s. (ODOS) ensures the quality of services provided in the field of international and domestic freight forwarding. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.
Ostravská dopravní společnost, a.s. logo

LokoTrain, s.r.o.

LokoTrain, s.r.o, founded in 2009, is the largest provider of locomotives and professional railway personnel in the Czech Rep. It serves also as unique accredited training centre in the rail sector.
LokoTrain, s.r.o. logo

Východočeská dráha s.r.o.

We are a railway carrier providing comprehensive rail transport services at a professional level with a friendly approach. We respond quickly, are flexible and independent.
Východočeská dráha s.r.o. logo

Rabbit Rail s.r.o.

The company Rabbit Rail s.r.o. provides professional comprehensive services in the field of rail transport - throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics with a solid network of EU rail partners.
Rabbit Rail s.r.o. logo

UPLINE CZ s.r.o.

The main mission of UPLINE CZ s.r.o. is the provision of services and development in the field of combined transport, multimodal, intermodal and combined transport terminal services.
UPLINE CZ s.r.o. logo

M.A.B. Group, s.r.o.

We have clear goals - to get a satisfied customer who will return to us with confidence.
M.A.B. Group, s.r.o. logo

C.B.SPED, a.s.

C.B.SPED was founded at the beginning of 1997 as a transport and logistics company dealing with logistics, handling, international and domestic forwarding and transport.
C.B.SPED, a.s. logo

ITL- Železniční společnost Praha s.r.o.

ITL-Železnicní spolecnost Praha s.r.o. (ITL Praha), with headquarters in Prague, will organise your shipments from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia to Germany and onwards to the Netherlands.
ITL- Železniční společnost Praha s.r.o. logo

Českomoravská železniční opravna, s. r. o.

At the beginning of our activity, we focused on performing overhauls and repairs of violent damage on locomotives with electronic regulation.
Českomoravská železniční opravna, s. r. o. logo

Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o.

Production, reconstruction, modernization and repairs of passenger and freight railway vehicles.
Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o. logo


The core industry is the transport of bulk materials over short, medium distances by road and rail and service activities.

RYKO PLUS spol. s.r.o.

RYKO PLUS SPOL. s r.o. is the holder and lessor of railway freight wagons.
RYKO PLUS spol. s.r.o. logo


Our company focuses on providing comprehensive services in rail freight. We rent wagons, rail transport and siding operation. We provide rental of wagons and locomotives.

Railway Capital a.s.

Railway Capital a.s. is a Czech railway carrier based in Prague, which operates, among other things, weekend railway transport on several Czech regional lines.
Railway Capital a.s. logo


CONTAINEX - specialist in containers and mobile space systems.


We ensure the operation of traction vehicles on our own network-wide License in the Czech Republic, including personnel for other entities in the transport of trains and corridor constructions.

Česká Lokomotivka, s.r.o.

The main activity is the rental, operation, service and repair of rail vehicles and locomotives.
Česká Lokomotivka, s.r.o. logo


LOKO TRANS is a company with many years of experience in the field of trade and services of railway technology and transport.
LOKO TRANS s.r.o. logo


SELP Servis offers extensive experience with renovation, maintenance or supply of spare parts for railway carriers from the Czech and Slovak Republics or Poland.

DAKO-CZ, a.s.

DAKO-CZ is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems for rail vehicles with more than 205 years of tradition.
DAKO-CZ, a.s. logo

Rail Clinic s.r.o.

The largest mobile service of freight railway wagons in Central and Eastern Europe.
Rail Clinic s.r.o. logo

NYYLO a.s.

We are a modern logistics group (NYYLO a.s. in the Czech Republic and NYYLO GmbH in Germany), which provides tailor-made services to its customers.
NYYLO a.s. logo

EP Cargo a.s.

Specialize in international and national railway transport.
EP Cargo a.s. logo

ZABABA s. r. o.

We operate public steam trains and custom trains, which have gained popularity as corporate, birthday or wedding trains.
ZABABA s. r. o. logo

Railco a.s.

Railco provides modern freight rolling stock on the domestic and European markets. Provide professionally managed, safe and reliable service to customers and partners.
Railco a.s. logo

VKS - Vagon Komerc Speed, s.r.o.

Rental of railway freight cars, reconstruction and rebuilding of freight wagons for siding operation.
VKS - Vagon Komerc Speed, s.r.o. logo

METRANS DYKO Rail Repair Shop s.r.o.

The company METRANS DYKO Rail Repair Shop deals with inspections and repairs of railway rolling stock.
METRANS DYKO Rail Repair Shop s.r.o. logo

CARU Praha s.r.o.

Offer new and used containers for sale throughout the Czech Republic. Sea containers, shipping containers, storage containers, refrigerated containers, freezer containers.
CARU Praha s.r.o. logo

NM LOKO Services s.r.o.

We provide maintenance, service and repair of railway vehicles, electrical installations and inspections of electrical installations of certain technical equipment in operation.
NM LOKO Services s.r.o. logo

DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o.

DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o. it also offers unique logistics solutions to shift more of the volume of international transport to rail.
DB Cargo Czechia s.r.o. logo

Rail Cargo Operator - ČSKD s.r.o.

Rail Cargo Operator - ČSKD s.r.o. offers combined transport services to and from the most important ports in Europe and taps economic markets as far afield as Asia.
Rail Cargo Operator - ČSKD s.r.o. logo

Rail Cargo Carrier - Czech Republic s.r.o.

Rail Cargo Carrier - Czech Republic s.r.o.’s in-house production services, continuously high-quality international production is ensured within the target market of Czech Republic.
Rail Cargo Carrier - Czech Republic s.r.o. logo

Škoda Transportation a.s.

Traditional engineering company in the field of transport engineering.
Škoda Transportation a.s. logo

RegioJet a.s.

RegioJet a.s. is a passenger rail and bus operator in the Czech Republic, based in Brno.
RegioJet a.s. logo

RM LINES, a.s.

RM LINES, a.s. is a Czech railway carrier, which is a subsidiary of Spedica.
RM LINES, a.s. logo