Repair Workshops & Cleaning in Czech Republic

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Repair Workshops & Cleaning in Czech Republic

PARI CZ Servis

The PARI CZ Servis company operates as a railway carrier in Czech Republic, arranges for further rail transport all over Europe, pursues rail machinery maintenance and rail vehicle modernization including autorization, owning and leasing of rail vehicles and providing services by the ECM level 5 standards.
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Vítkovické železniční opravny a.s.

The primary focus of our company is the realization of revision repairs of railway freight wagons.
Vítkovické železniční opravny a.s. logo

Českomoravská železniční opravna, s. r. o.

At the beginning of our activity, we focused on performing overhauls and repairs of violent damage on locomotives with electronic regulation.
Českomoravská železniční opravna, s. r. o. logo

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Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o.

Production, reconstruction, modernization and repairs of passenger and freight railway vehicles.
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MEZOPRAVNA spol. sr.o

MEZOPRAVNA spol. s.r.o. Vsetín performs all repairs and rewinding.
MEZOPRAVNA spol. sr.o logo

NM LOKO Services s.r.o.

We provide maintenance, service and repair of railway vehicles, electrical installations and inspections of electrical installations of certain technical equipment in operation.
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METRANS DYKO Rail Repair Shop s.r.o.

The company METRANS DYKO Rail Repair Shop deals with inspections and repairs of railway rolling stock.
METRANS DYKO Rail Repair Shop s.r.o. logo

Rail Clinic s.r.o.

The largest mobile service of freight railway wagons in Central and Eastern Europe.
Rail Clinic s.r.o. logo

RailTrading s.r.o.

Repairs and reconstruction of railway vehicles, production and sale of spare parts for rail vehicles, service of railway vehicles in the Czech Republic and in Europe
RailTrading s.r.o. logo

TRAK Rail, s.r.o.

Repairs and comprehensive modernization of rolling stock
TRAK Rail, s.r.o. logo

Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o.

We are the largest repair shop for railway rolling stock in the Czech Republic with a long tradition dating back to 1847.
Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o. logo

RYKO a.s.

RYKO a.s. is a purely Czech joint - stock company and, thanks to its continuous growth, is currently the leading railway repair shop in Europe.
RYKO a.s. logo

4Rail, a.s.

Repair, refurbishment, modernization and renovation of railway and transit vehicles.
4Rail, a.s. logo


The area of our activity is the cleaning of railway tanks, trucks or tank trucks, as well as the management of hazardous waste and wastewater treatment.
AWT ROSCO a.s. logo

IDS LocoCare s.r.o.

IDS LocoCare s.r.o. is a reliable company operating in the field of locomotive maintenance and railway transport since 2007.
IDS LocoCare s.r.o. logo

SÚD - Správa Ústecké dráhy s.r.o.

SÚD - Správa Ústecké dráhy s.r.o. logo

Rabbit Rail s.r.o.

The company Rabbit Rail s.r.o. provides professional comprehensive services in the field of rail transport - throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics with a solid network of EU rail partners.
Rabbit Rail s.r.o. logo

Polskie Wagony

Polskie Wagony company deals with the repair of freight wagons and wagon components. It provide professional services in the field of rolling stock repairs mainly in Poland and central Europe.
Polskie Wagony logo

Železnice Peštál s.r.o

We are a flexible, dynamically developing company. We provide all services in rail transport.
Železnice Peštál s.r.o logo

RYKO PLUS spol. s.r.o.

RYKO PLUS SPOL. s r.o. is the holder and lessor of railway freight wagons.
RYKO PLUS spol. s.r.o. logo

Česká Lokomotivka, s.r.o.

The main activity is the rental, operation, service and repair of rail vehicles and locomotives.
Česká Lokomotivka, s.r.o. logo


SELP Servis offers extensive experience with renovation, maintenance or supply of spare parts for railway carriers from the Czech and Slovak Republics or Poland.

KDS-Kladenská dopravní a strojní s.r.o.

KDS, s.r.o. offers its customers complete services in railway transport, starting with the rental of locomotives securing railway cars in the case of transport and providing complete turnkey transport
KDS-Kladenská dopravní a strojní s.r.o. logo

LTE Logistik a Transport Czechia s.r.o.

LTE-group goods transport and logistics in Europe
LTE Logistik a Transport Czechia s.r.o. logo

ZX-BENET CZ s.r.o.

Transport, rental and leasing of railway trucks, metallurgical material.
ZX-BENET CZ s.r.o. logo

ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava s.r.o.

The company ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava deals with the transport and transportation of mainly chemical products by rail. ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava is a complex railway company.
ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava s.r.o. logo


We approach each shipment individually in order to meet all customer requirements.
INTERFRACHT s.r.o. logo

Bücker & Essing GmbH

Bücker & Essing GmbH is an international specialist for diesel engine overhauls and power pack services, based in Germany since 1963.
Bücker & Essing GmbH logo

BPS-Prastav, s.r.o.

Our services: operation of rail transport, repair and maintenance of technological rolling stock, track repairs and maintenance, rental of engine driver etc.
BPS-Prastav, s.r.o. logo



Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.

Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. (ZSSK CARGO) is a Slovak railway carrier operating in freight transport.
Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. logo


The company exists since 1945 and is a manufacturer of rail tank cars, stationary and transportable pressure tanks, cylinders and road tankers with four plants located in Poland and France.
CHEMET S.A. logo

NZ RAIL, s.r.o.

We handle the provision of railway personnel, the repairs of railway wagons and the provision of ECM services, as well as railway freight transport. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction.
NZ RAIL, s.r.o. logo

GATX Rail Europe

GATX Rail Europe is a leading, full-service railcar lessor offering a high-quality and diversified fleet for customers in over 20 European countries.
GATX Rail Europe logo

Christoph Schöttler Maschinenfabrik GmbH (SCHÖMA)

SCHÖMA is a leading manufacturer of Tunnel Locomotives. SCHÖMA locomotives are used for nearly all reputable tunnel projects worldwide.
Christoph Schöttler Maschinenfabrik GmbH (SCHÖMA) logo

D & D Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

We are an owner-managed, group-independent railway transport company. The close cooperation with foreign partner companies enables us to cross-border traffic, especially to the CZ, SK and AT.
D & D Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH logo

VTG Aktiengesellschaft

Focus on rail: Alongside the leasing of freight wagons and tank containers, we also provide multimodal logistics services and integrated digital solutions.
VTG Aktiengesellschaft logo


RAILPOOL is one of the leading railway vehicle leasing companies offering real expertise for full service from a single source. Founded in 2008 in Munich.

DB Cargo AG

We are the only company to offer you Europe-wide rail transport from one source - fast, efficient, reliable and independent of the industry - with one of the largest rail networks in the world.
DB Cargo AG logo


ATIR-RAIL is an independent company specialized in the management and the rental of railcars dedicated to the transport of goods with more than 30 years of expertise.

Touax Rail Limited

TOUAX RAIL is the second largest lessor of intermodal railcars in Europe. Our tailor-made and flexible leasing solutions from short through medium to long term lease.
Touax Rail Limited logo

Ermewa SA

Ermewa SA is a European leader in railcars leasing, founded in 1956. Company meets the highest needs and challenges of all industry sectors with a wide range of railcars (fleet: 45 000 railcars).
Ermewa SA logo