Železnice Peštál s.r.o

We are a flexible, dynamically developing company. We provide all services in rail transport.

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We provide all rail transport services, which makes us a strong company. In particular, our close-knit team of professionals with years of experience, strong repair facilities and a large number of rail equipment have made us an integral part of the leading rail transport companies. We are a certified carrier and hold a transport licence.

Our services:

  • Rail transport
    The company's long-term goal is to offer its customers comprehensive services in railway transport, from the lease of locomotives and railway carriages to the transport of various commodities not only within the Czech Republic. Last but not least, we are also able to provide comprehensive services in the area of traffic closure.
  • Repair and service
    We provide regular or extraordinary service of various railway equipment. We provide technical inspections of locomotives and all UTZ inspections. 
  • Rental of locomotives and wagons
    We provide the possibility of short or long-term rentals or partial operations. Of course, we also provide qualified staff.
  • Transport consultancy
    We will advise or offer the customer a comprehensive solution to the problems of various transports, ad hoc trains, siding services and removal of sudden repairs of railway equipment.
  • Siding services
    Comprehensive provision of rail transport operations, including state supervision, siding measurements according to applicable legislation, etc.

Our fleet:

  • Shunting engine locomotive: Series 701, Series 703, Series 797
  • Diesel locomotive: 740 Series
  • Freight Cars: Faccs, Res, Chopper, Dumpcar