Thein Industry

We carry on the Czech rail industry tradition and develop Czech know-how.

Thein Industry

We innovate, we push boundaries, we connect industries.

We in the Thein Industry Group are building a portfolio of engineering companies that complement each other to create unrivalled scalability of projects and services in an industrial environment.

A significant part of our portfolio is focused on the rail industry and includes a full range of services, from locomotive rental to custom manufacture and component repair. However, we also supply machine components to a wide range of other target customers, such as manufacturers of grinding equipment, production lines, electric drives, etc.

Thein Industry

We also specialize in the development of our own hydrogen technologies in the field of rail and road transport.

We provide services in the following areas:

Custom engineering production

  • The production of weldments
  • Precision machining


  • The manufacture of components for railway rolling stock
  • Spare parts for locomotives

The rental of means of transport

  • Locomotive rental

Hydrogen technology

  • FUEL CELL fuel cells, mobile hydrogen filling stations

Markets and regions of operation

Corporate structure

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Investment Director - Filip Budník
Account Manager - Jan Kraft

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