Thein: Czech railway investor acquires foundry

Thein: Czech railway investor acquires foundry
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Thein Industry, a specialist in the development of proprietary hydrogen technologies for rail and road transport, has successfully completed the acquisition of the Czech foundry Top Alulit.

Top Alulit is a professional aluminium alloy foundry that has been providing comprehensive services for the production of aluminium castings since 2005, from the design and manufacture of casting moulds and sand cores, to the actual casting of aluminium and final metal plating and other finishing operations.

"The acquisition of Top Alulit allows us to increase our capacity and competence in manufacturing and processing, which, together with our solid engineering base and innovative approach to product development, means that we will gain access to new customers and markets. This also increases the overall business potential of Thein Industry," said Tomas Budnik, founder of Thein Investment Group. "It brings us one step closer to our vision of becoming a major engineering group in Europe," he adds.

Top Alulit uses gravity and low pressure die casting for production. It is also the only company in the country to use direct and indirect squeeze casting technology, an advanced metal casting process that combines elements of conventional die casting with the benefits of high speed and pressure.

Top Alulit focuses on the production of castings for the automotive, aerospace, electrical, mechanical, food and other industries. Around 75% of its production is exported.

This strategic transaction strengthens the Thein group's portfolio with a company with a turnover of more than €16 million and approximately 180 employees.

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