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Introduction to railway industry in Romania

The first railway in Romania opened in 1869 and linked Bucharest and Giurgiu. Since then, the Romanian railway network has been significantly expanded, and is now the fourth largest in Europe by total track length, comprising 22,298 km. Of these, some 8 585 km are electrified. Romania's railway system is inadequately-connected and one of the least durable railway systems globally. The track gauge is 1 435 mm.

Railway companies in Romania


RAIL HUB TRANSYLVANIA is a private intermodal operator that provides logistical services for intermodal transport offering a safe and efficient container interchange between road and rail.

Unicom Tranzit S.A.

We provide transportation for any volume of freight, from single wagons to block trains. Given that we operate a fairly large number of trains every day, we are often able to optimize transport costs.
Unicom Tranzit S.A. logo

Rolling Stock Company SA

Private company with full Romanian capital, having as shareholders two of the most important companies on the market of railway operators: Grup Feroviar Roman SA and CFR Marfă SA
Rolling Stock Company SA logo

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Central European Railway SRL

Freight forwarding service provider. CER Romania.
Central European Railway SRL logo

E-P Rail

E-P Rail is a Romanian company with private capital, having as main activity the services of rail freight and rail-related services. The company offers a wide range of services in railway freight.
E-P Rail logo

CER Fersped S.A.

CER Fersped – Private Railway Undertaker. The transport services offered cover a large number of connections from the railway network in Romania and are constantly expanding.
CER Fersped S.A. logo

Vest Trans Rail Srl.

Vest Trans Rail is a railway transport operator with 100% Romanian private capital. The company has been present on the railway transport market since 2010.
Vest Trans Rail Srl. logo


RAAL is a manufacturer of complete cooling systems and heat exchangers made of aluminium alloys and stainless steel.
RAAL S.A. logo

Atelierele CFR Grivita SA

S.C. Atelierele CFR Grivita S.A is a company with a long history in passenger coach repairs, modernization and rebuilding.
Atelierele CFR Grivita SA logo


UZINA DE VAGOANE AIUD SA, is a workshop for repair and maintenance of railway wagons, subassemblies and spare parts for rolling stock.

LTE Rail Romania SRL

Innovative and individual transport concepts, 24/7 helpdesk and train monitoring, Personal contact: all services from a single source, Operation of private sidings
LTE Rail Romania SRL logo

Den Hartogh Logistics Srl

As a bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry, we combine the best elements to create the optimal solution for each situation.
Den Hartogh Logistics Srl logo

Flexibil srl

With a history that goes back over 45 years ago, Flexibil designs, develops, manufactures and tests rubber-metal components and assemblies for various industries.
Flexibil srl logo

Rail Cargo Carrier - Romania SRL

Rail Cargo Group is strengthening its Romanian industrial locations such as that in Vințu de Jos and the greater Bucharest area. Romania forms the heart of transports to and from Turkey.
Rail Cargo Carrier - Romania SRL logo

Rail Force S.R.L.

RAIL FORCE S.R.L. BRASOV is a private capital company, specialized in freight transport and railway shunting operations, which was established in 2008, in Brasov.
Rail Force S.R.L. logo

2B Open Logistics SRL

2B OPEN LOGISTICS was founded in 2014. In the area of freight forwarding and logistics we use a strategy based on the advantages drawn from collaboration and interconnecting within the supply chain.
2B Open Logistics SRL logo

Via Terra Spedition SRL

Via Terra Group (formerly Via Terra Spedition) is a private railway company in Romania. It began activity in 2001 with freight transport and expanded into passenger services in 2009.
Via Terra Spedition SRL logo

TTS Operator S.R.L.

Specialized in bulk cargo transshipment, forwarding, custom formalities assistance and ship agency services. Sea vessels – barges - sea vessels, Wagons - barges and small sea vessels - wagons
TTS Operator S.R.L. logo

TTS (Transport Trade Services) S.A.

TTS as equity shareholder invests in various fields as: inland freight water transport, cargo handling and storage, support activities for transportation, freight rail transport
TTS (Transport Trade Services) S.A. logo

Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania S.R.L.

Specialized park that includes over 60 locomotives and 3,000 wagons. 100% national coverage, over 2.3 million train-km are covered annually. Fast and reliable transport across the continent.
Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania S.R.L. logo


Established in Craiova Romania in 1999, with the main purpose of modernizing locomotives, Softronic continues today the city’s tradition of over 50 years in the construction of electric locomotives.

Romexped Group Srl

National and international transport services offered by Romexped are complex, adapted to your requirements. Possibility to transport large quantities of goods through the railway infrastructure.
Romexped Group Srl logo

S.C. Calea Ferata Ingusta SRL

Shunting Locomotives, Platform wagons, Hopper wagons, All types of wagons, Mining locos and wagons, Steel Confections
S.C. Calea Ferata Ingusta SRL logo


Rail Container it is a company that has as the main target, the excellence for domestic and international transports in intermodal system, ensuring the high quality in the whole logistic chain.

SC Atelierele CFR Grivita SA

S.C. Atelierele CFR Grivita S.A is a company with a long history in passenger coach repairs, modernization and rebuilding.
SC Atelierele CFR Grivita SA logo

PSP Cargo Group Romania S.A.

PSP Cargo Group Romania continuously challenges and develops practices in integrated rail services, railway transportation and logistics.
PSP Cargo Group Romania S.A. logo


MULTIMODAL SERVICE SRL is the company founded in the year 2007, this is the main object of activity revisions and repairs of locomotives and cars.

Remarul 16 Februarie SA

Remarul 16 Februarie SA, is a company with integral private romanian capital and object of activity the construction, modernization, repair and maintenance for different types of rolling stocks.
Remarul 16 Februarie SA logo

CFR Marfa SA

National operator in Romania operates on the entire railway network, offering the services: domestic rail freight, intermodal transport, transport logistics, rolling stock rentals, maintenance, repair
CFR Marfa SA logo


SC MARUB SA – a company having a long tradition in rolling stock repairs is your reliable partner for the following services: Repairs of diesel motor, Locomotives repairs, Freight wagons repairs etc.

TRABA Logistics Romania SRL

2 business locations: Beuningen (The Netherlands) and Constanta (Romania), offering the logistic transport services from the North Sea to the Black Sea.
TRABA Logistics Romania SRL logo


CONSTANTIN GRUP S.R.L. has as its main activity the repair and maintenance of electric, diesel and diesel-electric locomotives, a field in which it has been active since 1992.

Tim Rail Cargo Srl

Tim Rail focus on providing the highest quality services in rail freight, according to domestic and international standards. We offer a wide range of railway transport services anywhere in Romania.
Tim Rail Cargo Srl logo

REVA SA Simeria

Main fields of activity: • The design, manufacturing, modernization and repair of railway wagons • The manufacturing and reconditioning of the rolling stock spare parts • The manufacturing of metallic structures and other industrial products
REVA SA Simeria logo

Romania Euroest S.A.

ROMANIA EUROEST SA holds stands and devices required for locomotives units and subassemblies tested, to ensure the quality of revision and repair works performed, certified by the Rom. Rail Authority
Romania Euroest S.A. logo

Electroputere VFU Pascani SA

Since 2004 the company has carried out 15 projects for reconstruction and modernization of railway vehicles (more than 600 railcars, trams and wagons for passenger and freight transport).
Electroputere VFU Pascani SA logo


We reconnect Romania from East to West. We bring road and rail transport services to a new level.

GB Logistics S.r.l.

Intermodal transport company that focuses on the carriage of bulk-loaded and heavyweight products. Ecology, Efficiency, Economy.
GB Logistics S.r.l. logo

S.C. Tehnotrans Feroviar S.R.L

Rail freight transport in full safety and integrity of cargoes and in the shortest possible time with trains loaded with cars, petroleum products, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, cereals, container
S.C. Tehnotrans Feroviar S.R.L logo

Cargo Trans Vagon SA

Freight and shunting - private railway operator, on the railway infrastructure in Romania; Entity Responsible for the Maintenance (ERI) of wagons and locomotives
Cargo Trans Vagon SA logo

Captrain Romania SRL

As a major player in the logistics and rail transport industry throughout Europe, Captrain is positioned on the domestic market of Romania
Captrain Romania SRL logo


SC WAGON MANAGEMENT, the first romanian company specialized in wagon rolling stock management services and technical assurance in CGU for guaranteing the free commercial operating of the RU and “P” wagons in national and international rail traffic.

Yusen Logistics (Romania) SRL

Yusen Logistics is a world leading provider of contract logistics and international freight forwarding, creating solutions ranging from stand alone operations to global supply chains.
Yusen Logistics (Romania) SRL logo

Faur SA

Locomotive constructions, Locomotive repairs, components - bogies, Cardan shaft, Conical tram groups, Locomotive axle, Axle attacks, dressing
Faur SA logo

GFR Grup Feroviar Roman SA

Largest private railway company in Romania and one of the largest in South Eastern Europe. Founded in 2001, the most representative entity of GRAMPET GROUP.
GFR Grup Feroviar Roman SA logo

Rail Cargo Logistics - Romania Solutions SRL

Successful logistics partner for custom-made rail logistics solutions on the Romanian market. With our services, we form a powerful hub and thus tap markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
Rail Cargo Logistics - Romania Solutions SRL logo

TFG Transferoviar Grup SA

transport of goods and rolling stock domestically and internationally; railway maneuvering operations on TFG main and secondary lines; overhaul of freight trains in CF stations
TFG Transferoviar Grup SA logo

Astra Vagoane Calatori SA

All Astra products and technologies are developed by a team of specialists in its own research, design and technology center, equipped with graphics stations and pro engineer software.
Astra Vagoane Calatori SA logo

RC-CF Trans S.R.L.

RC-CF Trans SRL is a private capital company, specialized in the management - maintenance and operations of non-interoperable railway infrastructure leased from CFR-SA, national state railways.
RC-CF Trans S.R.L. logo

voestalpine Railway Systems Romania SA

voestalpine Railway Systems Romania SA (former voestalpine VAE Apcarom). The main activity is the production of turnouts, crossings, fastenings, locking devices.
voestalpine Railway Systems Romania SA logo