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Introduction to railway industry in Hungary

The first railway in Hungary opened in 1846 between Pest and Waitzen (present day Vác), a distance of about 33km. Hungary was at that time part of the Austrian Empire and this was naturally a major influence on railway development, including the choice of standard gauge (1 435 mm) for main line railway construction. Most of the Hungarian main line network remained in State control until privatization in the 21st century. Total rail length is 8 057 km.

Railway companies in Hungary


Our high-performance locomotive-park enabled us to perform the full scope of rail transportation from the input location till the output location.
MTMG PLC. logo

G.Transport '96 Zrt.

We have been dealing with road and rail freight and customs since 1996. Our professional team consists of reliable, experienced professionals who are readily available for any transport task.
G.Transport '96 Zrt. logo

CER Cargo Holding SE

Leading company in rail freight transport in Hungary and Central Europe providing first class quality services from cargo transport to freight forwarding, and military consignments transport.
CER Cargo Holding SE logo

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Pultrans Kft.

Pultrans Kft specializes in the leasing of powdered goods wagons all over Europe and rail forwarding of powdered goods in Central-Europe.
Pultrans Kft. logo

CER Hungary Zrt.

As the leading railway freight company in Hungary and the Central EU, we provide first-class railway services: from freight transport, through forwarding, to transport of military equipment.
CER Hungary Zrt. logo

Plimsoll Zrt.

Main activity of the company is bulk- and general cargo forwarding. We offer complex system of road-, rail-, river- and deep-sea transport.
Plimsoll Zrt. logo

MVÁ Kft.

Company MVÁ is rail cargo carrier, owns every necessary certificates and memberships for complex solutions. MVÁ has developed agreements and excellent partnership with the neighboring countries.
MVÁ Kft. logo

MMV Magyar Magánvasút Zrt.

Railway transport of goods in home-, import-, export – and transit service, International transport by the contracts with other railway companies, Leasing of wagons, Serving of industrial units
MMV Magyar Magánvasút Zrt. logo

Ferroport Kft.

Operates in the Freeport of Csepel as a public port in an area of ​​about 62,000 m2. 9,000 m2 hall provides covered transshipment and storage facilities for products arriving by river, road and rail.
Ferroport Kft. logo

Train Hungary Magánvasút Kft

goods transport on private and public rail infrastructure, railway logistics (national and international), rental of wagons for the transport of goods, rental of locomotives
Train Hungary Magánvasút Kft logo

Adony Logisztikai Központ Kft.

Adony Logisztikai Központ Kft. been operating the European-level warehousing and logistics facility since August 2014 which including port.
Adony Logisztikai Központ Kft. logo

Truck Force One Kft.

RoLa, RoRo, Huckepack. We provide logistic solutions for transportation, warehousing and all connecting demands.
Truck Force One Kft. logo

Titan Containers A/S

We sell new shipping storage and storage containers.
Titan Containers A/S logo

RTB Cargo Hungaria Kft.

RTB CARGO is active in European rail freight transport and transports goods across borders from major seaports into the heart of Europe. RTB CARGO operates in DE, AT, HU, NL and BE.
RTB Cargo Hungaria Kft. logo

Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt.

The biggest terminal for combined transport in Hungary. Handling consignments for combined transport, specifically transshipment from road to rail and rail to road.
Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt. logo

Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft.

Provides regular intermodal train connections (TransFER) between European economic regions and ports. Large containers, swap-bodies and semi-trailers – as well as in block trains and in single wagons.
Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft. logo

Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria Kft.

Hungarian freight forwarding subsidiary of the Rail Cargo Group. Customers tailor-made rail logistics solutions – block train, single wagon or intermodal transports in import, export and transit.
Rail Cargo Logistics - Hungaria Kft. logo

Rail Cargo Carrier Kft.

The carrier network connects among others the industrial centres of the North Sea with the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea.
Rail Cargo Carrier Kft. logo

PSP Terminal Kft.

As a new member of the Petrolsped Group, PSP Terminal Ltd. is working to meet the increased demand for intermodal terminals and to "green" rail logistics.
PSP Terminal Kft. logo

National Container Terminal Network Development and Managment Ltd.

Goal of National Container Terminal Network Development and Managment Ltd. is to organize intermodal container traffic to European countries through domestic road and rail lines.
National Container Terminal Network Development and Managment Ltd. logo

METRANS Danubia Kft.

For several years, the METRANS Group has been one of Europe's market leaders in intermodal transport.
METRANS Danubia Kft. logo

Metal 99 Femszerkezetgyarto es Szolgaltato Kft.

The window and door constructions designed by our company make public transport more secure and attractive.
Metal 99 Femszerkezetgyarto es Szolgaltato Kft. logo

MASPED Első Magyar Általános Szállítmányációs Zrt.

The Intermodal Logistics Center was opened in Nyírbátor in the autumn of 2015, with which, in addition to existing connections with German seaports, we will develop new transport routes.
MASPED Első Magyar Általános Szállítmányációs Zrt. logo

Maersk Hungary Kft.

Maersk is an integrated container logistics company. Connecting and simplifying trade to help our customers grow and thrive.
Maersk Hungary Kft. logo

König Jarmüablak-Szerkezet Gyarto Es Forgalmazo Kft

KÖNIG is a family owned manufacturing company who design and produce window and glazing systems to the European vehicle manufacturers.
König Jarmüablak-Szerkezet Gyarto Es Forgalmazo Kft logo

Karaszy Ltd.

Kárászy Ltd is one of the oldest Hungarian automotive company. In railway area we distribute, produce and repair shock absorber.
Karaszy Ltd. logo

Jármüszerelvényt Gyártó Zrt.

Jármű Zrt. has been manufacturing parts for railway coaches and buses for over a century.
Jármüszerelvényt Gyártó Zrt. logo

Jármű Zrt.

Our product palette includes luggage storage with lights and occupation signal, decorative suitcase racks, partition walls, doors and windows which are all manufactured in Hungary.
Jármű Zrt. logo

Ganz Motor Kft.

GANZ Motor Kft. is committed to becoming a global market player and a recognized manufacturer of the highest quality products of railway rolling stock.
Ganz Motor Kft. logo

G&G Növényvédelmi és Kereskedelmi Kft.

G&G Ltd. has undertaken the overhaul and modification of both serialized and special railway coaches since 2013.
G&G Növényvédelmi és Kereskedelmi Kft. logo

FOXrail Zrt.

Individual and innovative railway transport concept, Highest quality and safety standards, Dedicated dispatching manager, Operation with private locomotives and staff,Simple and transparent accounting
FOXrail Zrt. logo

EWG Rail Zrt.

We are the youngest railway operator in Central-Eastern Europe with a management of many years of experience and highly qualified professional staff.
EWG Rail Zrt. logo

Euro - Holges Customs Agency Ltd.

We actual delivery of the goods, either as full cargo or as collective goods (by road, rail, water and air), door to door, with the participation of one of our group members, Industria Kft.
Euro - Holges Customs Agency Ltd. logo

East-West Intermodális Logisztikai Szolgáltató Zrt.

Transfer of a container from the wide gauge railway wagon or truck to a normal gauge railway wagon or truck.
East-West Intermodális Logisztikai Szolgáltató Zrt. logo

Den Hartogh Trans Kft.

As a bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry, we combine the best elements to create the optimal solution for each situation.
Den Hartogh Trans Kft. logo

Baja Public Port Ltd.

Baja is the most developed and significant river port on the southern border of the EU, the point of entry into the EU water border crossing, the customs route, the service and storage base.
Baja Public Port Ltd. logo

Áti Depo Kozrak Zrt.

ÁTI DEPO Public Warehousing Zrt. is a provider of logistics services, possessing of one of the largest warehouse capacities in Hungary.
Áti Depo Kozrak Zrt. logo

Container Hungary Ltd.

We have discovered the exciting world of shipping containers and the modern technology of creating sea unit-loads - which enables nearly all types of goods to be transported.
Container Hungary Ltd. logo

CVR Transport Kft.

Wagonload freight with privately owned wagons or wagons owned by the rail operator. Rail forwarding services: we can manage whole trains, wagon groups or single wagons.
CVR Transport Kft. logo


We operate in over 160 countries through 400 offices, we design and implement intelligent solutions to take care of your cargo right across the supply chain.
CMA CGM Kft. logo

LTE Hungária Kft.

No matter what kind of goods you want to transport around the continent, LTE-group, one of the most innovative private railways in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, will develop a transportation.
LTE Hungária Kft. logo

I.C.E. Transport Hungary Kft.

Container shipping worldwide. I.C.E. has worked as agent since 2001 by offering container load capacity on the container block trains between Eastern Part of Hungary, Budapest and North-German ports.
I.C.E. Transport Hungary Kft. logo

Franz Kaminski Waggonbau-Hungária Kft.

Franz Kaminski Waggonbau Hungaria Ltd. has been one of the leading companies of rail freight wagons maintenance and revision since 2005.
Franz Kaminski Waggonbau-Hungária Kft. logo

Raaberlog Kft.

Raaberlog is a major player in the conventional rail freight market. We organize the launch of individual shipments, groups of wagons, and directional trains in export, import and transit traffic.
Raaberlog Kft. logo


We are able to perform the shipping and logistics tasks of our clients, by road, rail, air or water. We perform our warehouse logistics tasks in the catchment area of ​​Budapest.

Arrow Consulting and Logistics Kft.

Provides transporting and forwarding solutions to all over the world in air, on road, rail and ocean. A consulting, information technology (IT) and transport company at once.
Arrow Consulting and Logistics Kft. logo

Bilk-Trans Kft.

BILK-TRANS Kft. is a freight forwarding company owned by the CER CARGO Holding, whose primary goal is to ship containers from the European ports to container terminals in Budapest via road transport
Bilk-Trans Kft. logo

General Transport Company Ltd.

Our company has been dealing with temperate freight since 2011, which has gradually expanded its fleet over the years, freezer warehousing and forwarding.
General Transport Company Ltd. logo


Outstanding flexibility and availability a in all areas of logistics services.
SYGNUS Kft. logo

PKP Cargo International HU Zrt.

PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL HU has been providing rail freight services and rail siding services in Hungary since 2010 as a member of the PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL Group.
PKP Cargo International HU Zrt. logo