Our high-performance locomotive-park enabled us to perform the full scope of rail transportation from the input location till the output location.


Our main profile is rail freight, where we regularly transport trains carrying soya, sugar beet and loaded woods, bauxite, tar, fertiliser, steel coils and propylene. We do offers nationwide.

We have both electric and diesel engine locomotives, and our Ludmillas are very suitable for railway construction works. We also provide industrial siding track services. Thanks to our fleet of high-performance locomotives, we are able to serve orders from loading to unloading, to serve industrial sites and to provide combined rail services.

We have 6 locomotives, including four diesel and two electric locomotives and currently employ 64 people.


We obtained our rail transit license in 2009. In 2020, we also obtained a waste management license.

We are able to move high volumes of goods, prepare a proper price quotation with competitive fares.

We can also transport dangerous goods under strict conditions, and we have experienced rail staff.

Rail freight:

  • economical pricing strategy, short and long-distance solutions
  • over-weight products to transport
  • competitive wagonage
  • complete offer including all train services
  • cooperation with rail freight companies operating in the neighbouring countries

Dangerous goods:

  • dangerous goods freight by applying strict regulations
  • keep the freight schedule
  • experienced staff to respect high level of safety standards and apply all necessary actions
  • safety first mindset

Train operation:

  • train operation staff to serve
  • dispatcher service available constantly
  • own locomotives gueantee for accurate planning
  • well-organized, experienced staff to assure high quality service
  • assist to rail constuctions

Improve freight efficiency

  • minimize the empthy run, improve efficiency with logical solutions
  • dynamic capacity allocation
  • attention to innovations
  • constant tracking of freights in real time

Also provide a towing service with rail staff and a permanent dispatch service.In case of any questions or orders please see us on any of our contacts.

619 mil.

(HUF) Reveneu in year of 2020





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