Akiem strengthens maintenance capabilities: new developments in Sweden and France

Akiem strengthens maintenance capabilities: new developments in Sweden and France
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Akiem is establishing a new locomotive workshop in Borlänge, Sweden, in collaboration with Train Alliance, and is advancing a rolling stock maintenance centre in Ostricourt, France.

Train Alliance and Akiem in Sweden

Train Alliance Sweden has finalised a 25-year plan to construct a modern locomotive workshop in Borlänge. This decision follows extensive preparatory work and discussions, culminating in a long-term lease agreement with Akiem Technic Germany. The workshop will be established on the Rågåkern site in Borlänge, featuring a detailed plan and an existing track connection to the Swedish Transport Administration.

Key aspects of this project:

  • Train Alliance owns the Kolvagnen 2 property, spanning approximately 90,000 m², where the workshop will be constructed.
  • The workshop will encompass a 1,300 m² building and a track facility, with an estimated investment of SEK 76 million.
  • Designed to cater to the new generation of high-performance locomotives, the workshop will be equipped with modern production technology for maintenance, focusing on component and module changes.
  • The workshop is expected to be operational by the fall of 2024, with construction and groundwork underway.

Akiem’s ambitious project in Ostricourt, France

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© ACHphoto

Parallel to the Swedish initiative, Akiem is investing €20 million in a state-of-the-art maintenance centre in Ostricourt, in France’s Hauts-de-France.

The Ostricourt centre features:

  • Two maintenance workshops covering 2,080 sqm, a 600-sqm wheel reprofiling unit with a 3-metre pit, offices, and parts stores.
  • The centre will undertake a mid-life overhaul program for over 150 electric Prima locomotives, enhancing their reliability, operational availability, and comfort.
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