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Companies manufacturing locomotives, freight wagons, components and containers and selling of used vehicles and components.

Railway companies in category Assets Production & Sale

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Rail Cargo Austria AG

With 9,340 employees, subsidiaries throughout Europe and an annual turnover of 2.3 billion euros, the Rail Cargo Group ranks among Europe's leading rail logistics companies.
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SBB Cargo AG

The Heart of the Swiss Economy
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Siemens Mobility GmbH

We, Siemens Mobility, have been a leader for seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions for more than 160 years. As a leader in transport solutions, we shape connected mobility.
Siemens Mobility GmbH logo

TMH International AG

We are an industrial investor supporting the revitalization of the rail industry. We act as co-investor and technology ­partner for the local railway industry and modernize rolling stock.
TMH International AG logo

IH Systems Sp. z o.o.

The main direction of the company's development is the railway machinery sector. Our leading product are two-way machines that move both on the road and on railroad tracks.
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Transport Design International Ltd

TDI is an award winning innovative transportation solutions provider, specialises in developing bespoke solutions for road and rail transport applications.
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Novium is the specialist in special vehicles, railway works, public works or land and naval defense equipment.
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TÜRASAŞ Turkish Railway Vehicles Industry Inc.

With technical infrastructure, knowledge, work experience - manufactures spare parts for all kinds of locomotives, passenger wagons, freight wagons and rail system vehicles, and repair, maintanenance
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AXbenet s.r.o.

The main activity of the company is the rental and sale of wagons.
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Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad

TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s. is an engineering company based in Poprad, which is mainly engaged in the production of freight railway wagons. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.
Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad logo

CZ LOKO a.s.

CZ LOKO belongs to the most important producers of shunting locomotives in Europe (hybrid,dual). The company has its own know-how, development, design, production and comprehensive service.
CZ LOKO a.s. logo

ŽOS Vrútky a.s.

ZOS Vrutky a.s. is a modern, technically well advanced, dynamically developing company with a rich engineering and electrotechnical tradition. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.
ŽOS Vrútky a.s. logo


NYMWAG CS is one of the biggest European freight wagon manufacturers, with focus on flat and tank wagons, using its own bogies. Its production capacity and product portfolio is steadily expanding.
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RAFAMET S.A. manufactures special-purpose machine tools for wheelset machining and is one of the leaders on the global market.

Železniční dodavatelská s.r.o.

Our main activity is to meet the needs of companies operating railway wagons.
Železniční dodavatelská s.r.o. logo

COTRING spol. s r.o.

Our production program includes small welded parts as well as large weldments weighing up to 10 tons for various industries, such as the railway, engineering, chemical or food industries.
COTRING spol. s r.o. logo

Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o.

Production, reconstruction, modernization and repairs of passenger and freight railway vehicles.
Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o. logo

Česká Lokomotivka, s.r.o.

The main activity is the rental, operation, service and repair of rail vehicles and locomotives.
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Traktsia JSC

Railway company with many years of experience and tradition in the manufacture, repair and modernization of many types of wagons – open wagons, flat wagons, special wagons, tank wagons, covered wagons
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CONTAINEX - specialist in containers and mobile space systems.


SELP Servis offers extensive experience with renovation, maintenance or supply of spare parts for railway carriers from the Czech and Slovak Republics or Poland.

Aquafrisch SL

Aquafrisch is a Spanish company specialized in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of equipment for railway depots and water treatment.
Aquafrisch SL logo

Maillefer S.A.

Maillefer helps Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturers to exceed their goals. No limit is fixed for us.
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Alstom has been present in Poland in the transport sector for 20 years with a 150-year legacy railway manufacturing in the country.

LOTUS Containers Sp. z o.o.

LOTUS Containers is one of the top specialists in providing shipping container solutions since 2008. We distribute shipping containers as well as storage containers all over the world.
LOTUS Containers Sp. z o.o. logo

LEONI elocab GmbH

As a solution-oriented partner, we offer you application-specific cables and cable systems for your rolling stock in accordance with national and international standards.
LEONI elocab GmbH logo

Socomec GmbH

Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3100 people. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on power performance.
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Socomec SAS

Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3100 people. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on power performance.
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Parametric GmbH

Parametric GmbH is an Engineering & Products Company located in Switzerland. We focus on highly reliable digital platforms for smart transport and smart infrastructure applications, turnkey solutions.
Parametric GmbH logo

Travipos, S.A.

Welcome to TRAVIPOS, S.A. We offer you a wide assortment of concrete sleepers for all railway infrastructure. Take advantage of our know-how. We will be happy to advise you.
Travipos, S.A. logo

ZREW Transformatory S.A.

Our portfolio ranges from distribution, cast resin and power transformers, to medium-voltage and high-voltage switching devices. It also includes specific railway electrification products.
ZREW Transformatory S.A. logo

BEGA Special Tools B.V.

We manufacture and distribute special tools in drive technology, specializing in safe and cost-effective assembly and disassembly of bearings and drive components such as gears, couplings etc.
BEGA Special Tools B.V. logo

A. & R. Jäger e. K. Ersatzteile

A. & R. Jäger Transportgeräte was founded in 1951 and is a manufacturer of transport devices for a wide variety of industrial applications.
A. & R. Jäger e. K. Ersatzteile logo

ZORIN Sp. z o.o.

We are a company that produces innovative automatic door systems with pneumatic or electric drive for means of transport. We have been gaining experience in the railway industry since 1989.
ZORIN Sp. z o.o. logo


Fablok is part of the Martech Group, which brings together companies from the energy, railway and mining sectors. This allows us to effectively provide services to a wide audience.


Our mission is to be a flexible and reliable supplier in the field of rolling stock, compressed air, hydro-eco systems and mechanical engineering.

Tyczka Gase GmbH

Tyczka Gase GmbH has been using the rails with its own fleet of vehicles since 1965 and has established itself in the market for pressurized gas tank wagons.
Tyczka Gase GmbH logo

Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC

Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC is a leader in railway transport manufacturing process.
Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC logo

PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant”

PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant” is the biggest manufacturer of machine-building and railway fasteners in Ukraine. Products are manufactured according to DSTU GOST, GOST, TU, DIN, DIN EN ISO standards
PJSC “Druzhkovka Hardware Plant” logo

Eurotrans Burgas Ltd

Our company specializes in the formation of wheelsets for freight wagons. We use the components for wheelsets from the manufacturing companies with great experience and recognition.
Eurotrans Burgas Ltd logo

DAKO-CZ, a.s.

DAKO-CZ is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems for rail vehicles with more than 205 years of tradition.
DAKO-CZ, a.s. logo

SFT Service und Fahrzeugteile GmbH

SFT - Service und Fahrzeugteile GmbH with its two sales partners Lex & Hesse GmbH and Fahrzeug-Technik Hattingen GmbH is one of the market leaders in the trade in spare parts for rail vehicles.
SFT Service und Fahrzeugteile GmbH logo

Škoda Transportation a.s.

Traditional engineering company in the field of transport engineering.
Škoda Transportation a.s. logo

Göhmann & Co. GmbH

For 100 years our company has been a reliable partner for the trade and the storage of wear parts made of castings, steel and plastics for repairs and for the modification of rail goods wagons etc.
Göhmann & Co. GmbH logo

Rail-Bohamet Sp. z o.o.

RAIL-BOHAMET is a dynamically developing company of the BOHAMET group that produces windows and glazing for rail vehicles and public transport.
Rail-Bohamet Sp. z o.o. logo

HBC-radiomatic GmbH

We develop and manufacture transmitters and receivers, with around 90 percent of all our components for our radio systems at our headquarters in Crailsheim.
HBC-radiomatic GmbH logo

Sécheron SA

We are the worldwide leader in electrical protection and switching solutions for rail transportation, energy-intensive industries and renewable energies.
Sécheron SA logo

Leclanché SA

Leclanché SA is a world leading provider of high quality energy storage solutions, based on lithium-ion cell technology, accelerating our progress towards a cleaner energy future.
Leclanché SA logo

Zakład Elektroniki Przemysłowej ENIKA Sp. z o.o.

ENIKA Sp. z o.o. was established in 1992, and designs, manufactures and services power electronic equipment for railway, tramway and trolleybus vehicles.
Zakład Elektroniki Przemysłowej ENIKA Sp. z o.o. logo

Rawicka Fabryka Wyposażenia Wagonów RAWAG Sp. z o.o.

SCHALTBAU RAWAG is a part of the well-known worldwide SCHALTBAU Group. Rawag has been active on the market in the field of production of equipment for railway and street vehicles for almost 50 years.
Rawicka Fabryka Wyposażenia Wagonów RAWAG Sp. z o.o. logo