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Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d.

Đuro Đaković Group d.d. as a mother company holds majority of shares in 3 subsidiaries as well as minority of shares in two other non-affiliated companies.
Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d. logo

TransANT GmbH

TransANT GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, efficient freight cars. New capacities for the European market are created.
TransANT GmbH logo

Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad

TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s. is an engineering company based in Poprad, which is mainly engaged in the production of freight railway wagons. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.
Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad logo

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ŽOS Vrútky a.s.

ZOS Vrutky a.s. is a modern, technically well advanced, dynamically developing company with a rich engineering and electrotechnical tradition. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.
ŽOS Vrútky a.s. logo


NYMWAG CS is one of the biggest European freight wagon manufacturers, with focus on flat and tank wagons, using its own bogies. Its production capacity and product portfolio is steadily expanding.
NYMWAG CS a.s. logo

Traktsia JSC

Railway company with many years of experience and tradition in the manufacture, repair and modernization of many types of wagons – open wagons, flat wagons, special wagons, tank wagons, covered wagons
Traktsia JSC logo

VTG Aktiengesellschaft

Focus on rail: Alongside the leasing of freight wagons and tank containers, we also provide multimodal logistics services and integrated digital solutions.
VTG Aktiengesellschaft logo


We connect the aspiration for advance, desire to work in new and new activity spheres, readiness to meet the desires of customers.

LOHR Group S.A.

LOHR is a private French group established in Alsace near Strasbourg. For more than 50 years it has been a global specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of goods transport systems.
LOHR Group S.A. logo

PVF Schienenfahrzeuge s.r.o.

We take over the complete development of freight wagons for you. Starting with the customer's request up to the production wagon with registration certificate.
PVF Schienenfahrzeuge s.r.o. logo

Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC

Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC is a leader in railway transport manufacturing process.
Research and Production Enterprise "Techvagonmash" LLC logo

Ferriere Cattaneo SA

Ferriere Cattaneo has been active in the railway wagon consturction for more than 50 yeras. We have built well over 5000 Wagons of 30 different types.
Ferriere Cattaneo SA logo

Tyczka Gase GmbH

Tyczka Gase GmbH has been using the rails with its own fleet of vehicles since 1965 and has established itself in the market for pressurized gas tank wagons.
Tyczka Gase GmbH logo

United Wagon Europe GmbH

United Wagon Company is one of the leaders in innovative railcar building in the territory of “1520 gauge”.
United Wagon Europe GmbH logo

ELH Waggonbau Niesky GmbH

With experience and innovation, the ELH Waggonbau Niesky GmbH has established itself as a leading European freight wagon manufacturer.
ELH Waggonbau Niesky GmbH logo

Duro Dakovic Specijalna Vozila d.d.

Đuro Đaković Specijalna vozila d.d. is a part of Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d. This part produces railway freight wagons.
Duro Dakovic Specijalna Vozila d.d. logo

Transwagon Burgas AD

Company relies on the master production cycles of freight wagons of various structures, on its high production capacity, on its proven experts' qualification.
Transwagon Burgas AD logo

Vagon Konteyner San. Tic. A.Ş.

VAKO; is the first private company in Turkey established upon the association of its industrial experience over 50 years, engineering and wagon manufacturing to produce freight wagons in the national and international railway sector.
Vagon Konteyner San. Tic. A.Ş. logo

SRT S.r.l.

SRT manufactures and markets rolling stock and new technologies and performs both routine and supplementary maintenance. SRT products and services stand out for their quality, guaranteed by expert staff and the company’s decades of experience.
SRT S.r.l. logo

Innofreight Solutions GmbH

Innofreight is innovation on the rails. Together with our customers we develop waggons, containers and unloading systems to constantly optimize rail freight transports.
Innofreight Solutions GmbH logo

Djuro Djakovic Specijalna vozila d.d.

Đuro Đaković manufactured its first wagon in the 1920s and, nowadays is the only freight wagon manufacturer in Croatia.
Djuro Djakovic Specijalna vozila d.d. logo

PJSC "Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works"

PJSC "Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works" is the largest manufacturer of vehicles in Ukraine.
PJSC "Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works" logo

Waggonbau Graaff GmbH

For more than 100 years now, the name Waggonbau Graaff has stood for professionalism and reliability in railway wagon construction.
Waggonbau Graaff GmbH logo

RMF "Karpaty"

RMF "Karpaty" is a modern Ukrainian car-building enterprise. The main activities are the construction of freight cars, repair of rolling stock, manufacture of container tanks, tanks, metal structures.
RMF "Karpaty" logo

W.H. Davis Ltd.

W H Davis is now the last independent freight wagon manufacturer in the UK, with workshops located just off the M1 near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
W.H. Davis Ltd. logo

LOKO TRANS Slovakia, s.r.o.

LOKO TRANS is a company with many years of experience in the field of trade and services of railway technology and transport.
LOKO TRANS Slovakia, s.r.o. logo

Aurum Group

Enterprises of the Aurum Group perform a full range of works related to railway engineering. They are: design and production of main-line freight cars such as open-top wagons, hoppers, platforms etc.
Aurum Group logo

Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerke GmbH

We are the manufacture of silo rail wagons (Uacns), trucks and road tankers. Our solutions to our customer’s requirements are based on a combination of highly sophiticated manufacturing skills.
Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerke GmbH logo

JSC Dneprovagonmash

JSC Dneprovagonmash - is one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine and the countries of CIS. It produces freight cars for main railways and different industries designing and manufacturing.
JSC Dneprovagonmash logo

JSC "Dniprovagonrembud"

A modern high-tech and one of the oldest enterprises of the railway carriage repair and railway industry in Ukraine with more than 120 years of successful experience.
JSC "Dniprovagonrembud" logo

GÖK GROUP - Gök Rail

Company carries out maintenance, repair and production of new wagons for passenger and freight wagons according to TÜE, UIC criterias. Factory manufacturing parts of freight wagons operates in Sivas
GÖK GROUP - Gök Rail logo

Grampet Debreceni Vagongyár Kft.

Railcar Manufacturing, Railcar Reconstruction, Railcar repairs and overhaul, Steel Structure Manufacturing, Steel Structure Products,
Grampet Debreceni Vagongyár Kft. logo

H. Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych Sp. z o.o.

The company has been a leading domestic producer of rail vehicles for many years. Our goal is to build reliable rail vehicles so that each journey is safe and comfortable.
H. Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych Sp. z o.o. logo

ŽOS Trnava, a. s.

ŽOS Trnava, a.s. is the largest railway cars repair workshop in Central Europe. Company manufactures new freight railway cars, carries out revision repairs on freight cars and passenger coaches etc.
ŽOS Trnava, a. s. logo

Kiruna Wagon AB

We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of ore wagons and logistic systems for heavy rail transports above and below ground.
Kiruna Wagon AB logo


The G. MAGYAR company designs, manufactures and markets tanks for the transportation of all liquids products : edible, chemical or petroleum. For road, intermodal and rail transport.


The company exists since 1968 and is a Polish manufacturer of rail tanks, gas tanks and process equipment. It also provides services for the LPG market, mechanical and heat treatment.
CHEMET S.A. logo

Greenbrier Europe

In June 2017, The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. and AstraRail Management GmbH merged and began operating under the name Greenbrier Europe. It covers Świdnica, Poland and AstraRail based in Arad, Romania.
Greenbrier Europe logo

Europejskie Konsorcjum Kolejowe WAGON Sp. z o.o.

We belong to the group of the largest Polish and European plants that carry out repairs and deliveries of new railway wagons. We have extensive experience in this field.
Europejskie Konsorcjum Kolejowe WAGON Sp. z o.o. logo

Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o.

Production, reconstruction, modernization and repairs of passenger and freight railway vehicles.
Krnovské opravny a strojírny s.r.o. logo


Škoda Pars is a stable and experienced partner in the field of modernization, reconstruction, repair and production of wagons.
ŠKODA PARS a.s. logo

Flexiwaggon AB

Flexiwaggon offers new and unique solutions for intermodal freight transports on railways and roads. It enables lorries, buses, cars and containers to be transported on the same wagon.
Flexiwaggon AB logo


We develop and manufacture intermodal wagons, special wagons to maintain tracks, wagons to transport specific materials and also railway bogies.
WALBO WAGONS s.r.o. logo

Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o.

We are the largest repair shop for railway rolling stock in the Czech Republic with a long tradition dating back to 1847.
Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o. logo


“VAGON TRANS LOGISTIC” Ltd. is a licensed company founded in 2015 with a main subject of activity – purchase and sale, and repair of freight wagons and spare parts, related to the rail transport.

Electroputere VFU Pascani SA

Since 2004 the company has carried out 15 projects for reconstruction and modernization of railway vehicles (more than 600 railcars, trams and wagons for passenger and freight transport).
Electroputere VFU Pascani SA logo

ZUT Wągrowiec Józef Kosiński

The main activity of the company is the provision of services in the field of development and maintenance of freight wagons.
ZUT Wągrowiec Józef Kosiński logo

Ateliers de Joigny S.A.S.

Founded in 1968, from the very start ATELIERS DE JOIGNY offered inspection, overhaul and repair services for all freight wagon types.
Ateliers de Joigny S.A.S. logo

Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik AG

Your specialist for tailor-made solutions in the construction and railway sector. Ferdinand Maschinenfabrik AG has grown with the construction of road rollers and over the last 30 years.
Ferdinand Steck Maschinenfabrik AG logo

TS Hungaria Kft.

Servicing and maintenance of railway vehicles - including major repairs,Assembly, modernization and redesign,Maintenance of railway vehicle components
TS Hungaria Kft. logo