Innofreight is innovation on rails. Together with our customers we develop waggons, containers and unloading machines to constantly optimize rail freight transport.


At Innofreight we are redefining rail freight, one innovation at a time. Innofreight has become a synonym of "moving limits" in the rail industry. Since our foundation in 2002, we've embodied the spirit of innovation, developing wagons, containers, and unloading machines that redefine the possibilities of rail freight transportation.

Our Journey: A Success Story on Rails

Starting with a modular concept in the pulp and paper industry, we've expanded our expertise across various sectors – from agriculture to building materials, and from steel to energy and chemicals. Today, our solutions are a vital part of the rail networks in 20 European countries, with over 200 block trains in operations, adapting seamlessly to the continent's three common gauges. Since then, we've expanded our range to over 40 superstructures, each referencing our principle of modularity.

Complete Logistics Solutions

From concept to implementation, Innofreight is your partner in the entire logistics journey. As technology continues to develop over the years it allows for significantly higher transport capacities. Our solutions aren't just innovative; they're comprehensive, covering every aspect of the logistics chain. With international Sales & Service companies, we ensure round-the-clock proximity to our customers, guaranteeing unparalleled operational reliability. Our teams, stationed across Europe, are always ready for on-site service and maintenance. We're digitizing our entire fleet, adding a digital edge to our comprehensive package of solutions.

Our Core Values

We are always working according to our values – European, innovative, professional, ecological, and modular. These principles guide our efforts in pushing the boundaries of rail freight transportation. Sustainability has evolved from a concept to a necessity. We recognize our role in reducing global CO2 emissions. The development of our logistics solutions means that road traffic is shifting to rail and the target of zero CO2 emissions by 2050 gets closer, one innovative solution at a time.

Looking Ahead

As Innofreight, our mission is clear - to keep pushing the limits of what's possible in rail freight transportation. With innovation at our heart, a commitment to sustainability in our soul, and an unyielding dedication to our clients, we are not just part of the industry's future; we are actively shaping it.

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Containers in use


Wagons in action


Block trains in action

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