SŽ-Tovorni promet tenders new electric locomotives, buys more innovative wagons

SŽ-Tovorni promet tenders new electric locomotives, buys more innovative wagons
© SŽ-Tovorni promet

Apart from tendering 30 MS locomotives, the company is also buying 20 new Innofreight wagons.

SŽ-Tovorni promet has announced a tender for the acquisition of 30 new electric locomotives. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to upgrade the rolling stock, ensuring that the services align with the evolving expectations of users. The tender, which is open until March 22, is aimed at enhancing the operational capacity with the inclusion of four-axle multi-system electric locomotives.

These locomotives are designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the current fleet. Notably, they will operate not only on Slovenian Railways but also across several other European countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Serbia. Furthermore, these locomotives are expected to consume less electricity and contribute to environmental conservation through features like electricity regeneration during braking. They are also designed to be quieter and more cost-effective in terms of maintenance.

Parallel to the locomotive upgrade, there is also an investment in wagon modernization. A contract was signed with Innofreight for the purchase of 20 new wagons equipped for ore transport, indicating a move towards more efficient and adaptable freight services. These wagons, featuring a higher load capacity and the ability to be customized for different types of goods, represent a shift towards utilizing advanced technology to meet customer needs more effectively.

The overarching plan includes investing EUR 300 million by 2030 for not only the new locomotives and wagons but also for the refurbishment of existing diesel locomotives.

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