Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad

TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s. is an engineering company based in Poprad, which is mainly engaged in the production of freight railway wagons. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.

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Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad logo
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Today, TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s. belongs among the most significant manufacturers of freight railway wagons and bogies in Europe. One of the pillars of success is our own design and development department which is a leader in Europe in development of freight wagons and bogies and which provides the most convenient solutions for each customer.

TATRAVAGÓNKA offers products from its standard portfolio or as a unique “tailor made” design according to specific requirements of customer and market.

TATRAVAGÓNKA offers development of special types of wagons, bogies and other corresponding products.

Services overview:

  • Bogie production
  • Freight wagon production
  • Catalogue/tailor made solutions

Strength of TATRAVAGÓNKA trademark is supported by 100-year history of determined and tireless work. Company TATRAVAGÓNKA manufactured more than 130.000 freight wagons (approximately 1.800 km) in almost 100 different design executions and approximately 400.000 bogies. Our production could join cities of Poprad and Lisbon with an uninterrupted train set.

OUR FREIGHT WAGONS: Tadns, Sgns(s), Sggrrss, R(e)ns, Za(c)ns, Kgs, Sgmmnss, Zacns, Sgnss, Sgns(s), Sggmrss, Sgmmns, Zagns, Zaens, Zacens, Sgnss, Sgmmns, Sggrss, Sggmrss, Laaeffrs, Habbii(II)ns(s), Saghmmns-ty, Zags, Tagnpps, Tagnpps, Tamns, Sgmmnss, Sgmmnss, Zans, Zans, Za(c)ns, Za(c)ns, Za(c)ns, Zacns, Uagnpps, Tagnpps, Snps, Sggns(s), Sdggmrss, MTF, Hccrrs, Shimmns, Samms, Falrrs, Sahlmmpar-t, Laaprs, Tagnpps, Uacns, Talns, Smmnps-x, Smmnps, Laes, Tagnpps, Samms KeZi, Zacns, Zacens, Rilnss, Fans, Eanoss, Slpss, Sgnss, Sggrss, Sggrs/ss, Sggmrs/ss, Sdggmrss, Sdggmrss, Sggnss, Sammnps, Renss.