Adif aims to boost freight train traffic by developing the Mediterranean Corridor

Adif aims to boost freight train traffic by developing the Mediterranean Corridor

The Mediterranean Corridor is a strategic project for the future of rail transport in Spain and its connection with Europe.

Adif will upgrade the Roda de Berà tunnel to an international gauge to boost freight train traffic. The €18.3 million investment will allow the third rail inside the tunnel to be extended to improve the operation of the Mediterranean Corridor. The work involves widening the tunnel and adapting it to international gauges by installing a third track on both rails, which will allow trains with standard and Iberian gauges to operate.

To this end, the length of the existing section will be increased by lowering the level of the tunnel, which is almost 422 meters long, to meet the interoperability standards required for the third track. This will allow trains to travel at speeds of up to 120 km/h.   

In addition, the arch inside the tunnel will be renovated and waterproofed, the surface will be reinforced with cement, a new drainage system will be installed, a slab track will be laid, new overhead contact lines will be installed and signaling and communication equipment will be replaced. The tunnel will also be fitted with anti-vibration covers and acoustic barriers to reduce the acoustic impact of rail traffic.

The development of the Mediterranean Corridor aims to improve Spain's links with Europe. The project aims to connect Andalusia, the Region of Murcia, Valencia, and Catalonia to Europe on a standard gauge railway. It also aims to improve the competitiveness of businesses in the Mediterranean Arc and its influence area and will encourage the transport of goods by rail.

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