Green Cargo launches a new intermodal connection of west and east Sweden

Green Cargo launches a new intermodal connection of west and east Sweden
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The Swedish freight rail incumbent has introduced a new intermodal train service connecting Gothenburg Kombi and Norrköping Port.

Green Cargo’s new service, operational from May, runs weekdays with daily departures designed to accommodate trailers, swap bodies, and containers. It is positioned as an alternative to current road transport methods in the corridor, aimed at meeting increased demand for mixed transport options that combine rail, sea, and road.

The service ensures that transportation mainly occurs overnight, which is structured to align with customer needs for optimal drop-off and pick-up times at the terminals. This scheduling aims to streamline logistics processes, potentially reducing the reliance on truck transport by offering a rail-based option.

Green Cargo's network facilitates the integration of rail with other transport forms, focusing on achieving frequent transport, short lead times, and punctual arrivals to terminals and ports. The use of rail is noted for its lower carbon emissions compared to road transport, along with higher energy efficiency and the potential to alleviate road congestion.

This intermodal solution involves the use of specialized wagons that can carry various unit types such as containers and swap bodies. Green Cargo, in collaboration with DB Cargo FLS Nordic, highlights the logistical benefits such as effective coordination and synchronization of services, which could support customers in achieving more time and cost-efficient freight transport.

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