Siemens Mobility delivers 35 Vectron locomotives to SBB Cargo

Siemens Mobility delivers 35 Vectron locomotives to SBB Cargo

The new locomotives would guarantee high vehicle availability and reliable rail freight transport. The leasing period will start in 2024 and last for eight years.

Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG has ordered 35 Vectron AC locomotives from Siemens Mobility through its investment vehicle LokRoll 3 AG. For SBB Cargo, the new locomotives represent an investment in vehicle availability that will have an impact on the quality of domestic freight transport. New Vectron locomotives can increase the reliability of the transport and improve the quality of service for customers.

“We are especially pleased that, together with LokRoll 3, we are now undertaking our third locomotive transaction in cooperation with SBB Cargo and once again relying on the high-quality Vectron AC locomotives from Siemens Mobility,” said Dr. Stefan Hasenböhler, CEO of Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG.

The older generation of locomotives is reaching the end of their technical and economic lifespan and it is necessary to renew the rolling stock. In order to remain strategic flexibility, SBB Cargo has decided to lease the locomotives, with the participation of the lessor NorthRail and the Swiss bank Reichmuth AG. The transaction was arranged by Paribus Rail Investment Management GmbH. The Vectron locomotives will Siemens Mobility manufacture at its site in Munich-Allach and the leasing contract also includes local maintenance of the locomotives by Siemens Mobility for eight years.

Siemens Mobility has already sold 150 locomotives to Swiss customers. The new locomotives ordered for SBB Cargo will be equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS) BL3 as well as the required national train control systems.

“The fact that we are again delivering locomotives for Switzerland confirms the high level of reliability and performance of our Vectron platform. Although the AC locomotives will primarily operate in Switzerland, they can also be used for cross-border service in Germany and Austria. This enables our customer to plan for the future in a long-term and flexible manner,” commented Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock of Siemens Mobility.

More than 1,400 orders for the Vectron from Siemens Mobility have been received to date, and the Vectron fleet has covered over 600 million kilometers in service so far. The locomotive is approved for operation in 19 European countries.

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