TransANT GmbH

TransANT GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, efficient freight cars. New capacities for the European market are created.

TransANT GmbH

TransANT is the innovation of today that will revolutionize the market of tomorrow.

The company was founded in 2020 as a joint venture between voestalpine Stahl GmbH and ÖBB Rail Cargo Group to drive innovation in rail freight transport. In February 2023, the Ukrainian finance and industrial company TAS Group, based in Kiew, entered the joint venture with long-lasting experience in high-volume wagon production.

With TransANT GmbH as a developer and manufacturer of future-proof and efficient freight cars, new capacities will be created for the European market.

TransANT wagons truly are future-proof: DAC ready and following a modular as well as lightweight design which provides customers with the opportunity to change superstructures quickly according to their needs, as well as to load more on to each single wagon.

Based on TransANT’s extensive engineering know-how – from concept design to strength analysis to wagon homologation – the company also develops and produces customized superstructure solutions according to the customer’s specific needs. The modular design of the wagons hereby enable a quick an efficient realization.

Standardization of the platform wagons as well as extensive production capacities allow for a production of different lot sizes within a short lead time but at highest quality standards.

Furthermore, TransANT is the first European manufacturer of green freight wagons. By using CO2 reduced steel in the platform wagon, TransANT provides customers with the opportunity to make rail freight even more sustainable.

TransANT GmbH
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