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PZB Transmitter: Simplifying rail data readout for improved operations

PZB Transmitter: Simplifying rail data readout for improved operations

With the PZB Transmitter, railway operators can conveniently retrieve driving data from their DSK 10 devices, saving time, effort, and resources.

Railway companies can now simplify the process of reading out driving data with the PZB Transmitter developed by EDITH. This device allows for remote access to EFR data, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval from the DSK 10. With the PZB Transmitter, railway undertakings can securely transmit vehicle data to their respective entities via an internet connection.

The PZB Transmitter seamlessly connects to the DSK 10 through a serial connection, extracting ERA driving data using ADS4 technology (requiring a license). The collected data is then efficiently transmitted to the railway undertaking via an internet connection. With the PZB Transmitter, railway companies can conveniently access data remotely from their office, enabling automatic and hassle-free integration into daily operations. Operators have full control over the timing and frequency of data retrieval, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

The PZB Transmitter employs cutting-edge technology, powered by a robust computer system with advanced processing capabilities. Its specially designed software ensures error-free data transmission through ADS4 technology. To facilitate internet connectivity, the device comes equipped with a 4G modem, included in the package. With the PZB Transmitter, railway companies can streamline their operations, enhance data accessibility, and optimize efficiency in the most cost-effective manner. Embrace the future of data readout in the railway industry with this innovative solution from EDITH.

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