ORR: Track access dashboard to optimize the rail network

ORR: Track access dashboard to optimize the rail network
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The platform provides a comprehensive view of how passenger and freight train operators use the rail network's capacity.

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has introduced the track access dashboard. This platform provides a comprehensive overview of how passenger and freight train operators use available capacity on the UK rail network, highlighting access rights and the industry's adherence to timetables.

ORR has worked to centralize and publish this vital data, making it easier for stakeholders to access. By consolidating essential information in one place, ORR aims to enable the industry to optimize the efficiency of the rail network, while holding both Network Rail and operators to account for meeting their timetable commitments.

The inaugural release of the track access dashboard reveals insightful statistics from the December 2023 timetable change. According to ORR's dashboard findings, the industry had planned to use 84% of rail network capacity for the December 2023 timetable, based on data provided by the industry.

Going forward, ORR expects Network Rail, along with existing and new train operators, to use the insights the track access dashboard provides to drive improvements in service planning. 

Stephanie Tobyn, Director of Strategy, Policy, and Reform, emphasized the important role of efficient network capacity utilization in fostering an affordable and reliable railway service: “We’ve worked with the rail industry to increase clarity and transparency in these important areas and in doing so, we’re supporting improvement in how rail network capacity is used and timetables are planned in the interest of passengers,” she added.

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