Czech Betrian Group develops technologies for safer railways using satellite data

Karel Novak, Published on 12/01/2023
Czech Betrian Group develops technologies for safer railways using satellite data

In addition to EUSPA, Betrian Group is also working with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop technologies - for hazard warning. Thus the company plans to contribute to the modernization of European ETCS security.

The NavCom secondary safety unit project uses data from the European Galileo and EGNOS satellites and other techniques to locate trains to within tens of centimeters. This would lead to a reduction in incidents of so-called unauthorized driving, where opposing trains run on the same track.

Commenting on EUSPA's cooperation with Betrian, Daniel Lopour said: "We are delighted that in the coming months, the Czech Republic will also be developing and testing a solution that can help further improve rail safety thanks to the European Galileo and EGNOS satellites, with the support of the EU Space Programme, and that our carriers will also be able to test their usefulness."

In addition, these units can be fully integrated into the driver navigation system, or NavTrain, which is used by virtually all freight trains at ČD.

In cooperation with the freight carrier ČD Cargo and the Federation of Train Drivers of the Czech Republic, the company has developed the NavTrain train navigation system. It simplifies the provision of information that the driver must have available during the journey. In normal operation, NavTrain is used by 1,700 ČD Cargo drivers. "Drivers feel more confident with NavTrain on the line. If they overlook something important, NavTrain will alert them," described Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo.



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