Škoda Group: ETCS for 15 Speno's yellow fleet vehicles

Škoda Group: ETCS for 15 Speno's yellow fleet vehicles
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With this contract, the company expands into Switzerland, a new country for the Škoda Group.

Škoda Group joined forces with railway specialists Speno International to install the European Train Control System (ETCS) to 15 of Speno's fleet vehicles. This partnership concentrates on delivering engineering, integration, and authorization services for implementing ETCS in railway track and turnout reprofiling solutions.

“ETCS plays a crucial role in the modernisation of railway networks and the enhancement of overall safety. This technology optimizes rail operations by reducing accident risks, increasing network capacity, and promoting cross-border compatibility. With the recent acquisition of The Signalling Company earlier this year, we have expanded our portfolio to include ETCS technology and the expertise required for seamless integration into the vehicles," Jan Christoph Harder, President Region West and North Škoda Group, describes the significance of this partnership.

ETCS, a tech developed to boost safety, dependability, and efficiency on railways, will be put into four vehicles in the next two years. There are also plans for an additional 11 vehicles in the pipeline. The aim is to implement this system into five different types of customer fleet vehicles. The main hurdle is getting authorization across 16 countries which have their own National Technical Rules to abide by.

ETCS is a unified signalling system that promotes railway operations and safety across Europe. It replaces old national systems that were once fragmented and obsolete. There are two vital components to ETCS: the on-board unit which is directly installed on vehicles, and the trackside equipment placed alongside railway tracks. 

"While essential for high-speed rail networks, ETCS is also crucial for enhancing safety on standard rail lines,” expressed Stanislas Pinte, Vice President Signalling at Škoda Group.

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