After a series of delays on Czech railways, the bonuses for managers of the railway infrastructure will change

After a series of delays on Czech railways, the bonuses for managers of the railway infrastructure will change

The system of remuneration and indicators linked to the annual remuneration of members of the Správa železnic (Railway Administration) management for 2023 includes new criteria. They aim to focus the functioning of this state organization not only on investments but also on ensuring greater reliability of the railway network in the Czech Republic.

Problems with the unreliability of rail transport culminated in early August when five incidents took place over the weekend. These caused many passengers to wait long hours for services to resume (read more).

"Changes to the system set-up, including the remuneration of the Správa železnic's management, are aimed at making the organization's operations more pro-client. We are changing its approach so that it has to focus more on the quality of service for operators and, as a result, for passengers or businesses. We are aiming to be able to monitor much more qualitative measures of the work of the Správa železnic and to make the whole railway network more reliable," says Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka.

Thus, in addition to the fulfillment of the organization's operational and investment plans within the set deadlines according to the approved list of investments for the respective year, the reliability and throughput of the railway network, are measured by the level of train delays caused by the railway operator, will play an equally important role in assessing the organization's performance. The indicator for the criterion will be the year-on-year percentage improvement compared to 2022. The reduction in the number of hours of stoppages due to signaling or overhead line failures and their power supply or the performance and reliability of the freight infrastructure will also be monitored.

The performance indicator in the investment area will be the fulfillment of the set milestones for the preparation of priority projects; these include the preparation of high-speed corridors and other key conventional connections, electrification of the railway infrastructure, conversion of the power supply system, and equipping lines with ETCS.

In the organizational area, the Supervisory Board requires the Správa železnic to strengthen the role of the closure coordinator, with involvement already in the preparation of the investment plan and the actual preparation of the works, including taking into account international plans and closure activities in neighboring countries.

Improved communication and information to passengers and carriers about current investments, constraints, or problems on the railway network and the preparation of major constructions should also play an important role in the evaluation of Správa železnic's management in the future. The Správa železnic should also start active discussions with the public on further sections of high-speed lines.

The Board also received information on the planned end of some of this year's closures, which have significantly complicated traffic on important routes.

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