Milestone for GATX Rail Europe: 1000th Zags wagon delivered

Milestone for GATX Rail Europe: 1000th Zags wagon delivered
© GATX Rail Europe

GATX has expanded its fleet of freight wagons for gas transportation to over one thousand.

GATX Rail Europe gor its 1,000th Zags railcar delivered. This achievement comes two years after the company reported the popularity of its 119m³ multi-purpose champion gas railcar among its clientele. Initially boasting over 500 Zags leased to more than 20 customers, GATX has now expanded its fleet to 1,000 units. To celebrate the milestone, the wagon received a special livery.

The 1,000th Zags, ready for delivery to DOW Europe GmbH in Germany, was manufactured at the company's in-house workshop in Ostróda (Wagon Service Ostróda), for which it was also a 5,000th gas wagon manufactured.

Elisabeth Jilli, Head of Sales & Service at GATX Rail Europe, highlights that the Zags railcar is noted for its optimization and multipurpose functionality. It features a low tare weight, enhancing its payload capacity, and incorporates safety features such as crash buffers and a robust tank head. These design elements ensure that the railcar is not only efficient but also safe for the loading and unloading processes.

Innovation extends beyond the physical design of the Zags. GATX Rail Europe equips all its railcars with a standard telematics solution, offering customers the option to enhance their railcars with additional sensors and data capabilities. This technology provides valuable insights into the railcar's operation, ensuring optimal performance and safety during transit.

This wagon fleet of GATX Rail Europe is designed to transport liquefied gases, such as propane, butane, light carbohydrate fractions, propylene, butadiene, and cooling gas mixtures.

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