Rail Technology in Europe

Companies providing railway software as well as telematic solutions for the railway business.

Railway companies in category Rail Technology


Sektorkolejowy.pl – Your reliable source of railway information
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RailWatch GmbH

RailWatch an innovative technology: The pulsar technology! A wayside monitoring system for the fully automatic recording of technical conditions on freight wagons as they drive past.
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Circle Group

Circle Group provides innovative technological solutions for the automation and digitalisation of the entire supply chain, delivering high value consultancy.
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Hydrogenic technology.

We develop our own hydrogen technology, in particular FUEL CELL fuel cells, mobile hydrogen filling stations and other hydrogen applications.
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Pars Komponenty s. r. o.

Development and production of components for means of mass passenger transport.
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A marketplace connecting rail industry. Share idle locomotive, sell unused wagons, find & hire personnel or advertise. RAILVIS is one platform to digitize your daily operations.
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Siemens Mobility GmbH

We, Siemens Mobility, have been a leader for seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions for more than 160 years. As a leader in transport solutions, we shape connected mobility.
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GBR-Rail Ltd

SPECIALIST DEPOT EQUIPMENT. GBR-Rail design, manufacture and maintain carriage wash systems, fuelling stations, controlled emission toilet, lubricating and monitoring systems.
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Ruf Avatech AG

TThe company’s focal point of activities lies in the development, realization and maintenance of complete system solutions for trains, metros, trams and stations.
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EBE Solutions GmbH

EBE Rail offers innovative solutions for railway companies in the field of safety and interlocking technology. Our products are based on the latest technology.
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RazorSecure Ltd

The specialist in providing Rail Cyber Security Solutions. We are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity development, offering a flexible, hybrid network and host-based approach to rail cybersecurity.
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Rail Signalling & Power Ltd

Rail Signalling & Power are solution providers to the Rail Industry throughout the world. Offering Design, Build and Supply to our valued clients to provide the solutions within the required times.
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We make rail traffic technology demonstrably safer and more efficient –our finger is always on the pulse. From indicators to the integrated concept for your display or HMI, pick-up sensors etc.

Fenix Rail Systems

Fenix Rail Systems is an experienced and trusted provider of high-quality depot control systems and mainline signalling services.
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Adhetec SAS

From design to application of your train flooring, through production and maintenance of your equipment: ADHETEC supports you with all your challenges with the adequate protective and masking film.
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CAE Simulation & Solutions Maschinenbau Ingenieurdienstleistungen GmbH

CAE Simulation & Solutions offers you over 15 years experience in Finite Element Methods and Computational Fluid Dynamics. This knowledge is at your disposal for designing, analyzing of your product.
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Since 1992 Dipsa Technes, based in Castel Maggiore (BOLOGNA, ITALY), has been designing, manufacturing and selling vehicles and equipment for construction and maintenance of railway lines.

ŠKODA Digital s.r.o.

We create digital solutions for rail vehicles. We are a modern, independent development centre focusing on digitisation and SMART technologies for vehicles manufactured by Škoda Transportation etc.
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Thales Austria GmbH

In rail transportation, Thales in Austria has been supporting its customers’ big ambitions since the beginning of railway engineering.
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DS Digitale Streckenkunde UG

We have specialized in fully digitizing the acquisition of route knowledge for train drivers. The basis for this is a web-based application specially developed for this purpose.
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We test according to European and American standards. Test laboratories in Germany for non-destructive testing of materials. Accreditation as a testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.
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RailDrawing s.r.o.

Fifteen years of experience within railway engineering with the designs, constructions, and technological support for the locomotive production.
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Aurora Engineering s.r.o.

From engineering to machinery, Design & Engineering, Prototyping support according to manufacturer’s documentation, Our primary areas of focus are railway machinery and heavy machinery
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A1 Digital Deutschland GmbH

We are your partner for digitalisation solutions. With the best network and a secure infrastructure, we are your reliable partner in digitalisation.
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A1 Digital International GmbH

We are your partner for digitalisation solutions. With the best network and a secure infrastructure, we are your reliable partner in digitalisation.
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SWS PS Power Solutions GmbH

Solution for the transport of temperature controlled goods by rail and digital systems for rail.
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in-tech GmbH

in-tech develops innovative solutions for Automotive and Smart Mobility. We work towards making the car of the future autonomous, electric and connected.
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Informatik Consulting Systems GmbH

ICS ensures intelligent, secure processes in complex environments - and for satisfied customers! We specialize in the business areas of industrial engineering, mobility and information security.
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RWS Railway Service GmbH

Your competent contact partner for the design, engineering and manufacturing process, for fire-detection systems, for testing and commissioning, for maintenance and services etc.
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Producer of equipment for railway rolling stock, especially for the DAKO braking system used on locomotives, trams and wagons, which are registered and approved in the UIC.
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TGM Lightweight Solutions GmbH

Lightweight Solutions for engineering and weight management. Aircraft Construction, Railway Construction, Shipbuilding etc. TGM developed specialized software systems for weight reduction and weight management using specific methods.
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Unwired Networks GmbH

360° platform for passenger WLAN, device and network management and edge computing in the digital vehicle.
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Acal BFi UK Limited

We are a leading design partner across Europe, creating custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.
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AKW A+V Protec Rail GmbH

What drives us: future-proof technology with an ecological principle. The Protec Bioreactor transforms waste water into purified water. Biological and particularly efficient.
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Abtus Limited

Abtus offers a range of services to compliment the core business of design and manufacture. Calibration, Design, Training.
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Park Signalling Ltd

At Park Signalling we utilise our specialist engineering skills and knowledge to deliver products and services including consultancy and projects.
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PTB Magdeburg GmbH

The engineering office PTB Magdeburg GmbH, headquartered in Magdeburg, was founded in October 1992 and has been your competent partner for engineering services ever since.
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Ades Technologies

ADES Technologies is specialized in the design and manufacture of low and high-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic components for the railways.
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A.S.T. – Angewandte System Technik GmbH

Our system solutions accompany you from body shell production over the final assembly to maintenance and repair processes on the rail vehicle. For this purpose costumized solutions have been developed for you depending on the condition of rolling stock.
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AAIT Angewandte Anlagen- und Industrietechnik GmbH

AAIT is the partner for highly specialized and innovative achievements in railway technology. With our German and French team from various technology fields, we manage railway technology.
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ACHAT Infrastruktur GmbH

Our priority is to provide services at the highest level and meet the expectations of even the most demanding Clients. We constantly improve and extend the range of services provided, adapting our offer to the needs of our Clients and changing technology
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Since 1989, Acorel has been recognized as a leading expert in automatic people counting and flow analysis solutions in all market segments. Acorel offers you innovative, quality solutions, adapted to your constraints, combining the latest technologies and personalized services. You can rely on accurate data and professionnal advice to make informed business decisions.

BEEP Mobility GmbH

BEEP Mobility realizes projects in the field of interior components for rail vehicles and in the field of mechanical engineering. Our services offer facilitating development and scaling parts into production, complete assembly of whole systems, as well as establishing associated logistics concepts. Additionally, we also take on individual, unique assembly or services when applicable.
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Railmonitor ApS

Our Digital Service Platform address the pains of ineffective and costly maintenance processes. It provides you with the data and information necessary for decision-making in vital maintenance processes. This data can be exploited to optimize the maintenance strategy and thereby prolong asset lifetime – the core of predictive maintenance.
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RailApp is an online planning application and a hire and secondment platform for rail services and rail professionals at the same time.
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Bellotti SPA

Know-how and experience have allowed us to form an internal department specialised in the railway sector. Thanks to partnerships with various companies with great experience in this market, we have developed skills that allow us to stand by the customer throughout all phases of the project, from consultancy, to integrated design, up to testing and maintenance.
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Bel Power Solutions

Explore our variety of railway solutions, including train control systems, communications, safety systems, passenger comfort and convenience, trackside applications, and more. With a global presence and decades of experience to leverage, the railway industry has come to rely on Bel as a stable partner in delivering railway solutions to transport the world.
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Our mission is to provide access to a simple and collaborative platform to digitise the entire rail and intermodal transport process. Rail freight is often overlooked due to its complexity and lack of reliable data. This is where Everysens comes in.
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BTC BahnTechnologie Campus Havelland GmbH

Creating a sustainable concept for a combined inner city logistic, starting from a particular application case. Focusing from the start on the scalability and transferability of the developed solution.
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The main activities of METRA BLANSKO s.r.o. at present are development, manufacturing and sales of traditional instruments for measuring electric and non-electric quantities.
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