Rail Technology in Europe

Companies providing railway software as well as telematic solutions for the railway business.

Railway companies in category Rail Technology


Sektorkolejowy.pl – Your reliable source of railway information
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RailWatch GmbH

RailWatch an innovative technology: The pulsar technology! A wayside monitoring system for the fully automatic recording of technical conditions on freight wagons as they drive past.
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Circle Group

Circle Group provides innovative technological solutions for the automation and digitalisation of the entire supply chain, delivering high value consultancy.
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Hydrogenic technology.

We develop our own hydrogen technology, in particular FUEL CELL fuel cells, mobile hydrogen filling stations and other hydrogen applications.
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Siemens Mobility GmbH

We, Siemens Mobility, have been a leader for seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions for more than 160 years. As a leader in transport solutions, we shape connected mobility.
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Pars Komponenty s. r. o.

Development and production of components for means of mass passenger transport.
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A marketplace connecting rail industry. Share idle locomotive, sell unused wagons, find & hire personnel or advertise. RAILVIS is one platform to digitize your daily operations.
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GBR-Rail Ltd

SPECIALIST DEPOT EQUIPMENT. GBR-Rail design, manufacture and maintain carriage wash systems, fuelling stations, controlled emission toilet, lubricating and monitoring systems.
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Fenix Rail Systems

Fenix Rail Systems is an experienced and trusted provider of high-quality depot control systems and mainline signalling services.
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Rail Signalling & Power Ltd

Rail Signalling & Power are solution providers to the Rail Industry throughout the world. Offering Design, Build and Supply to our valued clients to provide the solutions within the required times.
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We make rail traffic technology demonstrably safer and more efficient –our finger is always on the pulse. From indicators to the integrated concept for your display or HMI, pick-up sensors etc.

EBE Solutions GmbH

EBE Rail offers innovative solutions for railway companies in the field of safety and interlocking technology. Our products are based on the latest technology.
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Ruf Avatech AG

TThe company’s focal point of activities lies in the development, realization and maintenance of complete system solutions for trains, metros, trams and stations.
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RazorSecure Ltd

The specialist in providing Rail Cyber Security Solutions. We are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity development, offering a flexible, hybrid network and host-based approach to rail cybersecurity.
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Centro de Ensayos y Analisis Cetest, S.L.

CETEST is a fully accredited independent test laboratory offering services for design verification, model validation, developmental testing and/or answers to help you identify failure root causes. We carry out tests in our facilities as well as on site as required by client needs.
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Papercast Ltd

We make innovative and versatile e-paper signage solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.
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Oxyfi AB

Oxyfi is the market leader in the field of internet access solutions for rail and road-based transport vehicles.
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OTN Systems NV

We develop mission-critical networks for specific industrial markets.
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Ci4Rail GmbH

We increase the competitiveness of transport operators through computer-aided solutions for condition-based and predictive maintenance.
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onway AG

onway ag offers WLAN and network access control solutions and software development.
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ONT Oberhausener Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

Your specialist for communication technology through our integrated solution concepts for stations and train stops.
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CN-Tec GmbH

CN-Tec develops and produces displays for dynamic passenger information and infotainment at stations and in vehicles under the InnoScreen® brand.
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Novatronic LLC

NOVATRONIC is a high quality manufacturer of electronic displays on domestic and foreign markets.
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Comesvil SPA

Comesvil is an Italian company leading for over 30 years in the automation systems industry and ranking among the world major companies in the railway and telecommunication industry, providing engineered solutions, manufacturing and installing its products under its own supervision.
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Conflux AB

Conflux AB was founded in 1995 as a R&D company by researchers in Sweden, focusing on rubber materials that conduct current.
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Connection Systems B.V.

Connection Systems is an experienced, innovative high-tech organization that is specialized in collecting, processing, reporting and presenting of guaranteed high quality data and images for multiple purposes in the field of (temporary) ITS and high-level security, surveillance and law enforcement.
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Consat Telematics AB

Consat is a family-owned company working with public transportation since the late 80’s. We have become the leading Nordic supplier of public transport systems.
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Consilium Safety Group AB

We are a worldwide producer of safety and safety-related technologies. We provide the transport sector with fire detection systems that comply with strict demands.
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CPC Tracking ApS

CPC Tracking combine many years of technical experience, software development and business knowledge into a solution giving our customers a simple and easy overview.
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At Nevomo we are developing MagRail, a technology that enables a quick, phased implementation of hyperloop-inspired transportation technology within railroads’ systems.
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Mios Elettronica Srl

MIOS Elettronica provides a whole range of advanced solutions and electronic devices for trains control and on-board communications systems for rail vehicles.
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Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd

CTS is a leading integrator of payment and information technology and services for intelligent travel solutions worldwide.
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Mida Solutions s.r.l.

We have been providing telecommunications solutions for the transportation market for more than 15 years.
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MG Industrieelektronik GmbH

We have been successfully planning, developing and marketing information systems for public transport for over 30 years.
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The main activities of METRA BLANSKO s.r.o. at present are development, manufacturing and sales of traditional instruments for measuring electric and non-electric quantities.
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Damm Cellular Systems A/S

DAMM Cellular Systems is a world leader in the provision of scalable, innovative, user-friendly and cost-efficient TETRA and DMR infrastructure products to industrial, commercial and public safety customers.
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Mera Systemy Sp. z.o.o.

We design and create modern automatic systems of collecting fees, including ticket machines in public vehicles and places.
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Maven Wireless AB

Our products contribute to public safety by ensuring wireless coverage for critical services, and are used in tunnels, on trains, metros, stadiums, buildings and more.
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Marini Impianti Industriali SRL

Marini Impianti Industriali has been operating for over twenty years designing and building high-tech industrial installations.
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MainRail is a high-tech startup devoted to providing IT-based solutions to help you optimizing your infrastructure maintenance operations.
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Loop Telecommunication International Inc.

Loop Telecom provides the total solution for transmission equipment so that government agencies can build such a support network to keep their roads and railways safe and efficient.
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Light Progress s.r.l.

Light Progress has been involved in the planning, design and production of ultraviolet systems for the disinfection of air, water and surfaces since 1987.
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Deutzer Technische Kohle GmbH

Deutzer Technische Kohle innovative developments lead us to be the market leading measurement service provider for public transit authorities with rail base transportation and also trolley busses.
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Lantech Communications Europe GmbH

With a long background in IP Ethernet products, Lantech brings the best network solutions for Industrial and IP networks to the marketplace.
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L.E.F. S.r.l.

LEF designs and develops high-tech products and systems for the railway sector.
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DGNSS Holding

In cooperation with Dr. Döller ZTGmbH, DGNSS has many years of experience in surveying tracks and railway facilities.
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Since 1992 Dipsa Technes, based in Castel Maggiore (BOLOGNA, ITALY), has been designing, manufacturing and selling vehicles and equipment for construction and maintenance of railway lines.

krauth technology GmbH

Ticketing software & devices from one source- krauth technology offers you innovative solutions for fare management in public transportation.
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Hastema GmbH

Your partner for railway technology, engineering and manufacturing.
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Icomera AB

Icomera is the world’s leading provider of integrated connectivity solutions for trains, trams, buses and coaches.
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