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A marketplace connecting rail industry. Share idle locomotive, sell unused wagons, find & hire personnel or advertise. RAILVIS is one platform to digitize your daily operations.
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Menlo79 GmbH

With “WILSON.” Menlo79 offers a modern and intelligent way for dispatching drivers and other operational staff by using AI algorithms and easy communication between office and operational staff.
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LEVEL, s.r.o.

We develop hardware and software under one roof, which allows us to respond flexibly to the suggestions of our customers and implement tailor-made solutions.
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STARMON s.r.o.

The company´s wealth of experience and professional approach has been achieved during many years of work in railway signalling and telecommunications.
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We are a team of experts focused on transport, industrial automation and IT. Our products are used by dozens of satisfied customers across Europe.
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Siemens Mobility GmbH

We, Siemens Mobility, have been a leader for seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions for more than 160 years. As a leader in transport solutions, we shape connected mobility.
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Zakłady Automatyki Kombud S.A.

Zakłady Automatyki KOMBUD SA is one of the leaders in the national market of signalling systems.
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CN-Consult GmbH

CN-Consult provides software solutions for dispatching, localisation, passenger information services and convenient document distribution procedures.
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JERID, spol. s r. o.

JERID Company is the European leading provider of data, information and information systems in rail freight transport.
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IT Partner BV

With our advanced software we offer one complete solution. Links with external software systems (port, customs and terminal systems) are easy to realize.
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CRX Software Netherlands BV

Our goal is to enhance operations for Railway Undertakings by continuing to develop intuitive and innovative features, resulting in more efficient and improved business processes for our clients.
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LIS Logistische Informationssysteme Aktiengesellschaft

Get in touch with the leading Transport-Management-Software for logistics, forwarding agencies and shipping!
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DGauge Ltd.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in: gauging software; gauging assessments and many different types of project, means we can provide you with tried-and-tested services in routine gauging.
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ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH

We develop technical sytem adn software solutions for rail and signalling technology, automotive and industry and participate on many innovative international projects.
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IoT.smart s.r.o.

The use of IoT is really wide, from monitoring the condition of various devices on the transport infrastructure to monitoring the position of vehicles or transported goods.
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Software development of innovative solutions focused on rail applications in the multimodal transport sector, rail forwarding, infrastructure management, customs procedures and port community systems.
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Ab Ovo Nordic ApS

Thanks to the combination of our colleagues, strong industry ties & down-to-earth approach, Ab Ovo is the right partner for any supply chain and logistics organization ready to harness the power AI.
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DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG

DAKOSY is a software company with more than 2,800 customers in DE, Europe and throughout the world. We offer digital software solutions for international freight forwarding, customs processing etc.
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dbh Logistics IT AG

dbh Logistics IT AG is one of the leading companies for software and consulting in the areas of customs and foreign trade, compliance, transport management, port management, SAP and cloud services.
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Supplai bv

We are supplai. With our solutions we implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms at companies to make existing processes more efficient and effective. Logistics, manufacturing, finance etc.
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Ingenieus AG

We work on development projects for our customers in an interdisciplinary manner, from the first concept drafts to approval.
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Bächli AG

Bächli is a Swiss tech company that specialises in the development and production of electrotechnical components. The company’s range of products comprises highly specialised transformers, chokes and wound products of all kinds that are used in differing industrial products.
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AKG Software Consulting GmbH

VESTRA Rail works alongside with Autodesk Civil 3D. VESTRA Rail meets all possible railway design requirements – from exchanging data without loss and planning entire track systems to making data available for construction machines. The application takes account of the different national standards for alignment, switch calculation, dynamics, and the clearance gauge
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ACKSYS Communications & Systems

ACKSYS Communications & Systems is strongly committed to develop its own wired & wireless network solutions and reinvests a significant percentage of its sales turnover on research and development.
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4NRJ is an expert company in the development of innovative and efficient solutions for railway infrastructures.
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OptiRail Ltd

Specialists of our company have more than 10 years experience in the development and embedding of analogous systems on railways. SATO® is a universal automatic control system for freight and passenger trains with electric or diesel traction.
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Protostellar GmbH

Protostellar digitalises intemodal logistics. We ease access to the most ecological mode of transport, the railways.
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Allread Machine Learning Technologies, SL

AllRead Machine Learning Technologies is a Computer Vision Deep Tech Startup developing a cutting-edge Character Recognition Technology, based on a Deep Learning neural network model.
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kasasi GmbH

We are a medium-sized software company from the Allgäu region in the south of Germany that creates innovative solutions for the entire European logistics industry.
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ČD - Telematika a.s.

ČD - Telematika a.s. is a provider of wholesale Internet, data and voice services and a supplier of services in the field of management, maintenance and construction of optical infrastructures.
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Using our products, the roll and sliding friction that occurs under extreme conditions in crane vehicles between gears and/or between the wheel flange and the sides of the railare relieved.

Qnamic AG

We develop software solutions for resource planning and allocation for railway, supplyand other service companies.
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Kontron Transportation Austria AG

Kontron Transportation is a leading global supplier of end-to-end communications solutions for mission-critical and carrier networks
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ACstyria Mobilitätscluster GmbH

ACstyria networks partner companies with a focus on rolling stock, track and signaling technology.
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Voith Digital Solutions Austria GmbH & Co KG

Greater efficiency through higher speeds, greater comfort and exceptional reliability. Freight and passenger trains around the world operate with our products, components and systems.
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VPE Ltd.

VPE Ltd. allocating railway capacity for open access network.
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SISCOG - Sistemas Cognitivos, S.A.

We combine generic and client-specific knowledge, research & innovation, mobility industry trends, to design optimisation resource scheduling and management solutions for the transportation cluster.
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iOn Logistics N.V.

We deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for logistics management. Our mission is to optimize the costs of running your business while maximizing day-to-day operational efficiency.
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Clearsy Systems Engineering (ERSA)

We are a software engineering company specialised in the production of ERTMS/ETCS related solutions, in the field of simulation tools for testing, training, research and demonstration.
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catkin GmbH

For more than 7 years, the catkin GmbH has been pushing digitalization in logistics. With the help of our innovative IT software solutions we support logistics.
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Soloplan GmbH

We develop software solutions for you for the entire world of logistics. The know-how of our employees, combined with a spirit of innovation and goal orientation, is our guarantee for this.
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ZEDAS GmbH develops software products for the logistics management of rail transport and for the asset management of vehicle fleets and technical asset management.
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Macomi B.V.

Macomi specializes in advanced business analytics, our software sucha as RailGenie offers an overall view from conceptual and detailed planning, operations and maintenance.
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PSI Transcom GmbH

Innovative, networked software systems such as the PSItraffic Train Management System (TMS) are essential when considered in the context of a growing world population and increasing mobility needs.
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ETC Solutions GmbH

Over the years we have developed into the leading interface and digitization experts in Europe and have now become the market leader in Germany with our digital integration solutions.
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Aprixon Information Services GmbH

We develop logistics software for rail freight companies to optimise your business. Aprixon operates in the fields of logistic software, IT-services and server hosting.
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Institut für Operations Research und Management GmbH (INFORM)

At INFORM, more than 800 business analysts, data scientists and software engineers support more than 1,000 customers worldwide in logistics and transport.
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IVU Traffic Technologies AG

IVU.suite's integrated standard products cover all bus and rail companies’ processes: from planning, dispatching, and fleet management to ticketing, passenger information etc.
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cargo support GmbH & Co. KG

The cargo support GmbH & Co. KG is a proprietary, German software and system house that specializes in the development of innovative logistics software solutions.
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STIMIO designs, develops and manufactures connected objects dedicated to monitoring the operating conditions of industrial goods as well as predictive maintenance.