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Circle Group provides innovative technological solutions for the automation and digitalisation of the entire supply chain, delivering high value consultancy.

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€ 7.5 M

Value of production in 2020



Circle Group is specialized in the analysis and development of products for the innovation and digitalization of the port and intermodal logistics sectors led by Circle S.p.A. In addition to Circle, are part of the Group the software houses Info.era, company with twenty years experience in the development of IT solutions for port sector and Progetto Adele, specialized in the development of software systems dedicated to shipping & logistics and trade & industry. 

Thanks to its distinctive vertical skills in the port and intermodal logistics, Circle Group analyses the international port, maritime and logistics policy framework and the most promising technological trends. Circle Group provide the best competitive advantage through innovative technological solutions based also on anticipating policy driven changes. It delivers advanced IT solutions / software products for multimodal transport operators and rail companies, port and inland terminals, port authorities, port communities and shipping agencies, shippers, freight forwarders and customs operators. 

Main activities:

  • process and management consulting services
  • digital marketing solutions
  • development of automation processes for ports, dry ports, logistics platforms and intermodal operators through both - Milos® and  Sinfomar®:
  • Milos® – an innovative modular software for the optimization of transport of containers, trailers, vehicles and each type of goods along the supply chain
  • Sinfomar® – Port Community System in use by the Port of Trieste

Moreover, thanks to Circle Connecting EU, the Group supports Public Bodies and Companies identifying their positioning at European level (EU Branding) and funding opportunities (Project Anticipation).