Rail Technology in Middle-East

Companies providing railway software as well as telematic solutions for the railway business.

Railway companies in category Rail Technology

Circle Group

Circle Group provides innovative technological solutions for the automation and digitalisation of the entire supply chain, delivering high value consultancy.
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Elsitel Elektromekanik Insaat Proje Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S.

Elsitel is founded to operate about electrical and mechanical systems in the industrial and transportation sector in 2009. ELSITEL successfully accomplishes all project phases from conceptual design to testing and commissioning of electromechanical systems, manages integration and interface problems, which can occur particularly due to the different sub-contractors and / or suppliers, prevents loss of time and money in the multidisciplinary complex projects.
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ERA founded in 1968 and from the very beginning became the symbol of quality products and the tradition of designing innovative, creative electronic products.

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PITON Technology

We have been proposing innovative software solutions in the fields of “ Smart Cities, Intelligent Transportation and Geographic Information Systems.
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RADWIN Ltd. is the Market Leader in Delivering High-Performance Broadband Wireless Access.
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Rail Vision Ltd.

Rail Vision is a leading provider of cutting-edge cognitive vision sensor technology and safety systems for the railway industry.
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Tri-Logical Technologies

Tri-Logical specializes in integration with existing rolling stock systems and sensors, and provides cyber security solutions for wireless data communication.
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Menlo79 GmbH

With “WILSON.” Menlo79 offers a modern and intelligent way for dispatching drivers and other operational staff by using AI algorithms and easy communication between office and operational staff.
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Cervello Ltd

The World’s Most Trusted Rail Cybersecurity Solution.
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Cylus Cyber Security Ltd.

Cylus, the global leader in rail cybersecurity, helps rail and metro companies avoid safety incidents and service disruptions caused by cyber-attacks.
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Datumate Ltd.

Datumate develops innovative solutions for the construction industry. Datumate offers software and services that utilize big data analytics, AI & machine learning, state-of-the-art computer vision, and drone and camera technologies.
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Optibus Ltd.

An end-to-end software platform for more equitable, sustainable, and efficient transportation services for agencies, operators, cities, drivers and passengers.
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Fugro N.V.

As the world's leading Geo-data specialist, we have strong positions in the energy and infrastructure markets around the globe.
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