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KARPIEL Sp. z o.o.

The leading activity of the company is the international transport of goods in standard sea containers as well as oversized and bulk containers from all ports of the world.
KARPIEL Sp. z o.o. logo


Operator of the intermodal transshipment terminal at EU’s eastern border to Ukraine.


We are a dynamic company whose core business is providing transhipment, loading, unloading and transfer services involving a variety of commodities. Member of BUDAMAR GROUP.

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ElbePort Wittenberge GmbH

ElbePort Wittenberge is an efficient multi-purpose terminal on the Middle Elbe River and is thus strategically located between the metropolises of Hamburg and Berlin.
ElbePort Wittenberge GmbH logo

EuroTerminal Emmen-Coevorden-Hardenberg b.v.

The EuroTerminal Emmen-Coevorden-Hardenberg b.v., in close co-operation with Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG as parent company provides optimal conditions for international container handling.
EuroTerminal Emmen-Coevorden-Hardenberg b.v. logo

Rail Cargo Group

With 5,887 employees, subsidiaries throughout Europe and an annual turnover of 1.9 billion euros, the Rail Cargo Group ranks among Europe's leading rail logistics companies.
Rail Cargo Group logo


Rail transport of goods in the Emilia Romagna Region and manoeuvring services in the main railway stations of the Region

UPLINE CZ s.r.o.

The main mission of UPLINE CZ s.r.o. is the provision of services and development in the field of combined transport, multimodal, intermodal and combined transport terminal services.
UPLINE CZ s.r.o. logo

ENON Gesellschaft mbH & CoKG

ENON GmbH & Co.KG is a company with a focus on the railway business. Among other things, it has experience in the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles and rent of locomotives and wagons.
ENON Gesellschaft mbH & CoKG logo

CFL terminals s.a.

CFL terminals, a subsidiary of CFL multimodal, is the operator of the combined terminal and rail motorway platform located in the Eurohub South area.
CFL terminals s.a. logo

DP World Southampton

As one of the country’s busiest and most successful deep-water ports, Southampton is a natural choice for a wide range of customers and trades, with facilities to handle virtually any type of cargo.
DP World Southampton logo

DP World Logistics Europe GmbH

DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistic etc.
DP World Logistics Europe GmbH logo

HHLA TK Estonia

HHLA TK Estonia is your logistics hub in the Baltic Sea and a gateway for North-South and East-West Trade Corridors.
HHLA TK Estonia logo

Contargo North France SAS

Our terminals around Valenciennes link the industrial region of western France with the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.
Contargo North France SAS logo

KCT - Krefelder Container Terminal GmbH

Our container hub in the industrial heartland of Germany is characterised by a balanced range of services, central links to major European destinations and ideal pre-carriage and on-carriage routes.
KCT - Krefelder Container Terminal GmbH logo

Contargo AG

Contargo AG in Basel sets standards for speed and creativity in the organisation and control of container handling. At our sites in Basel / Chavornay we offer you depot facilities for the whole of CH.
Contargo AG logo

KTL Kombi – Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH

KTL is your strong partner for combined transport, road and rail in area of Lidwigshafen. We offer you public handling and interim storage of loading units, transshipment road/rail, rail/rail etc.
KTL Kombi – Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH logo

Laumar Cargo SL

Laumar was born in 1992. Our main activity is the land transport of goods.We currently have our own railway equipment and we operate exclusively indoor terminals.
Laumar Cargo SL logo

Combinant NV

Combinant (Combined Terminal Antwerp) is an open access rail terminal for intermodal transportation, located in the port of Antwerp. With have central location in the port of Antwerp.
Combinant NV logo

MASPED Első Magyar Általános Szállítmányációs Zrt.

The Intermodal Logistics Center was opened in Nyírbátor in the autumn of 2015, with which, in addition to existing connections with German seaports, we will develop new transport routes.
MASPED Első Magyar Általános Szállítmányációs Zrt. logo


We provide all-inclusive just-in-time intermodal rail-road transportation services operating own shu

National Container Terminal Network Development and Managment Ltd.

Goal of National Container Terminal Network Development and Managment Ltd. is to organize intermodal container traffic to European countries through domestic road and rail lines.
National Container Terminal Network Development and Managment Ltd. logo

Niort Terminal

Niort Terminal, multimodal terminal for the transport of goods, unique in central west France. High performance combined transport, conventional and bulk transport reception tools.
Niort Terminal logo

Port Emmerich Infrastruktur- und Immobilien GmbH

The port of Emmerich has developed into a fast-growing trimodal container terminal for the German-Dutch border region in recent years.
Port Emmerich Infrastruktur- und Immobilien GmbH logo

Total Terminal International Algeciras S.A.

Total Terminal International Algeciras S.A. (TTI ALGECIRAS) is one of the two container terminals operating in the Port of Algeciras Bay a strategic point in the Strait of Gibraltar.
Total Terminal International Algeciras S.A. logo

Terminali Italia

We are a Rete Ferroviaria Italiana company in charge of enhancing the capacity of freight terminals according to principles of fairness, transparency and non-discrimination.
Terminali Italia logo

PSP Terminal Kft.

As a new member of the Petrolsped Group, PSP Terminal Ltd. is working to meet the increased demand for intermodal terminals and to "green" rail logistics.
PSP Terminal Kft. logo

Puerto Seco Azuqueca De Henares SA

Puerto Seco Azuqueca is a reliable logistics partner who can be trusted to achieve customer satisfaction. Its privileged location is in the Corredor del Henares, the main logistics area.
Puerto Seco Azuqueca De Henares SA logo

Rail Cargo Operator - ČSKD s.r.o.

Rail Cargo Operator - ČSKD s.r.o. offers combined transport services to and from the most important ports in Europe and taps economic markets as far afield as Asia.
Rail Cargo Operator - ČSKD s.r.o. logo

Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt.

The biggest terminal for combined transport in Hungary. Handling consignments for combined transport, specifically transshipment from road to rail and rail to road.
Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK Zrt. logo

Rail Hub Europe S.p.A.

Rail Hub Europe (RHE), a company established in 2018, located in a central position represented by the large cities of the North-West Milan, Turin and Genoa, is a modern and efficient Intermodal Terminal.
Rail Hub Europe S.p.A. logo

Baltic Rail Gate GmbH

The CT terminal on Skandinavienkai connects 25 Baltic ports with the combined networks in Europe thanks to its location in the port. We offer more than transshipment from and to rail.
Baltic Rail Gate GmbH logo


RAIL HUB TRANSYLVANIA is a private intermodal operator that provides logistical services for intermodal transport offering a safe and efficient container interchange between road and rail.

Roland-Umschlagsges. f. kombinierten Güterverkehr mbH & Co. KG

We are intermodal terminal operatore in Bremen. Daily connection to the national / international combined traffic network.
Roland-Umschlagsges. f. kombinierten Güterverkehr mbH & Co. KG logo

Terminal des Flandres SAS

Terminal des Flandres is the container operator of the port of Dunkirk. Specialized in port handling, we offer tailor-made services in an optimized environment.
Terminal des Flandres SAS logo

PSA Antwerp NV

PSA is the largest container handler in the Port of Antwerp, capable of handling the world's largest vessels with a proven track record of high productivity.
PSA Antwerp NV logo

Ecologistics EOOD

Loading/unloading of containers, Depot/container storage activities, Stripping / stuffing, Local container trucking, Container repair and washing, Intermodal equipment rent and lease
Ecologistics EOOD logo

Container Terminal Dortmund GmbH (CTD)

We are container terminal Dortmund. We offer optimal infrastructure and superstructure - water, rail, road connection and trucking depot.
Container Terminal Dortmund GmbH (CTD) logo

Rhein-Ruhr Terminal Gesellschaft für Container- und Güterumschlag mbH

The greatest efficiency, flexibility and environmental friendliness: RRT Rhein-Ruhr Terminal GmbH Duisburg organises transport chains that meet these challenges.
Rhein-Ruhr Terminal Gesellschaft für Container- und Güterumschlag mbH logo

COSCO SHIPPING Ports (Spain) Terminals, S.L.U.

COSCO SHIPPING Ports (Spain) Terminals is a leading port operator in Spain with two maritime terminals located Valencia, Bilbao, as well as two intermodal terminals in Zaragoza and Madrid.
COSCO SHIPPING Ports (Spain) Terminals, S.L.U. logo

Terminales Marítimas del Sureste S.A.

Unique multimodal unit for import, export and transfer activity, enabling commercial exchange with North Africa and short-distance maritime transport in the European Union.
Terminales Marítimas del Sureste S.A. logo


Interporto of Trieste is an infrastructure dedicated to intermodal logistic located in Fernetti next to the border between Italy and Slovenia

DCH Düsseldorfer Container-Hafen GmbH

Our trimodal terminal in Düsseldorf is located on the point of intersection of the east-west and north-south connections of the region.
DCH Düsseldorfer Container-Hafen GmbH logo

Innocenti Depositi S.p.A.

The connection with the railway network allows us to offer our customers a truly tailor-made logistics. Innocenti Depositi receives large quantities of goods with block trains and widespread traffic.
Innocenti Depositi S.p.A. logo

Hochrhein Terminal AG

The Hochrhein Terminal is the ideal turnaround point for combined traffic. Crane and railway logistics are our core competencies.
Hochrhein Terminal AG logo

CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH

As one of the largest container-handling locations in Northern Bavaria, we have been providing our customers with a wide range of competencies and first-class services for 25 years.
CDN Container Depot Nürnberg GmbH logo


The multi-function terminal HHLA PLT Italy (Piattaforma Logistica Trieste) is an important part of the Italian seaport of Trieste and is located within the Free Port zone.
HHLA PLT Italia logo

TCV Stevedoring Company S.A.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service (maritime and yard operations and rail transport) by means of an qualified human team in the port of Valencia.
TCV Stevedoring Company S.A. logo

CTS Container-Terminal GmbH Rhein-See-Land-Service

CTS Container Terminal GmbH, located in the business metropolis of Cologne, is your specialist for cross-modal container logistics and the handling of combined transport products.
CTS Container-Terminal GmbH Rhein-See-Land-Service logo

Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztikai Zrt.

Placement of railway shipments from and to loading areas, arrangement of railway wagons. Storage and minor repairing of railway wagons.
Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztikai Zrt. logo