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Railroad transport of wide variety of goods within the Republic of Bulgaria.
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Raillogix B.V.

Raillogix is one of the leading train operators and railway logistics provider in Europe focusing on moving more cargo by rail by setting-up efficient and flexible railway flows.
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PJSC TransContainer

PJSC TransContainer is a leading Russian intermodal container operator, owned by Delo Group. The company carries out high-speed block trains on the route China - Europe.
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Rail Cargo Group

With 5,887 employees, subsidiaries throughout Europe and an annual turnover of 1.9 billion euros, the Rail Cargo Group ranks among Europe's leading rail logistics companies.
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Rail transport of goods in the Emilia Romagna Region and manoeuvring services in the main railway stations of the Region

KARPIEL Sp. z o.o.

The leading activity of the company is the international transport of goods in standard sea containers as well as oversized and bulk containers from all ports of the world.
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Hupac Intermodal AG

Hupac is the leading network operator in intermodal transport in Europe. For over 50 years we have pioneered innovative, reliable rail transport and thus made an important contribution to modal shift.
Hupac Intermodal AG logo

ČD Cargo, a.s.

The largest Czech railway transport provider. Offer the transport of extensive range of goods, from raw materials to products with high added value, transport of containers, exceptional deliveries etc
ČD Cargo, a.s. logo

Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A.

Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A. (PEARL), main purpose is to provide Rail Logistics support and other freight forwarding services from/and to Piraeus and other Greek Ports.
Piraeus Europe Asia Rail Logistics S.M.S.A. logo

"CTS "Liski" JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"

CTS "Liski" was created in order to develop a container system in Ukraine, expanding the scope of Railway Transport of Ukraine on the domestic and foreign markets, providing transportation, forwarding
"CTS "Liski" JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" logo


Long-term experience in the field of international intermodal transport have helped us to establish a wide range of services.


The innovative loading technique we propose allows any type of European-standard semi-trailer to be carried by train. We are a pioneer in our field.

Alpe Adria S.p.A.

Logistics, Intermodal Services & Combined Transportation
Alpe Adria S.p.A. logo

Vänerexpressen AB

We move large amounts of goods over long distances. This combined with flexible car transport makes us a strong partner for your specific logistics needs.
Vänerexpressen AB logo

T3M S.A.

T3M is a Combined Transport Operator specialised in the rail-route technique for continental and maritime transport.
T3M S.A. logo

Schweizerzug AG

We are the intermodal operator between Switzerland and Western ports of Rotterdam / Antwerp. We offer our connections to China as well.
Schweizerzug AG logo

Baltic Rail AS

Baltic Rail is a container-train operator inside Rail World Group, active in both European railway gauge 1435 mm and Russian railway gauge 1520 mm.
Baltic Rail AS logo

BoxTango Ostrach GmbH

We will ensure that new transhipment centers will connect your region to the rail network vie intermodal transport. Hamburg to Singen/ostrach and soon destinations in Germany and Switzerland.
BoxTango Ostrach GmbH logo

Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft.

Provides regular intermodal train connections (TransFER) between European economic regions and ports. Large containers, swap-bodies and semi-trailers – as well as in block trains and in single wagons.
Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft. logo

Optimodal Nederland B.V.

Optimodal Nederland B.V. is a neutral logistics service provider whose strength is hinterland container transport by rail, water or road. The service as a reliable agent for rail operators,
Optimodal Nederland B.V. logo

neska Container Line B.V.

neska organizes container transports between the major seaports and the Hinterland. Thanks to huge transport volumes we are able to optimize traffic flows.
neska Container Line B.V. logo

Necoss GmbH

Neutral Container Shuttle System GmbH (Necoss) is a transport company specializing in seaport hinterland transport, which connects the German seaports with destinations in the hinterland.
Necoss GmbH logo

Combiberia S.A.

The Iberian Society of Intermodal Transport COMBIBERIA S.A. is the Iberian market leader in rail freight transport. We have been providing multimodal rail transport services for more than 25 years.
Combiberia S.A. logo

CONT-ACT Uluslararası Nakliyat A.Ş.

Cont-act Intermodal, was founded in association with Petrolsped Transport, Trade and Service Ltd. in 2018. Cont-act Intermodal, an equitable operator, provide direct intermodal rail transportation through Europe-Balkans and Europe-Turkey.
CONT-ACT Uluslararası Nakliyat A.Ş. logo

METRANS Railprofi Austria GmbH

METRANS Railprofi Austria GmbH is a beneficiary of the aid program for the provision of rail freight services in certain forms of production in Austria.
METRANS Railprofi Austria GmbH logo

Conte Rail, S.A.

CONTE RAIL SA is located in Coslada, Spain and is part of the intermodal & Warehousing & Storage industry.
Conte Rail, S.A. logo

CSP Iberian Rail Services S.L.U.

In 2018, COSCO SHIPPING Ports (Spain) Terminals S.L.U. (CSP Spain) launched its intermodal brand with the aim of connecting its maritime and land terminals by railway.
CSP Iberian Rail Services S.L.U. logo

METRANS Rail s.r.o.

METRANS Rail is a dynamically developing railway carrier with a focus on combined transport.
METRANS Rail s.r.o. logo

METRANS Danubia Kft.

For several years, the METRANS Group has been one of Europe's market leaders in intermodal transport.
METRANS Danubia Kft. logo

Logistics Intermodal Services B.V.

We set up and manage inland rail and barge networks between seaports and inland terminals or between inland terminals only. Build rail- and barge networks for single or multiple logistics services.
Logistics Intermodal Services B.V. logo

KombiRail Europe B.V.

The company specializes in the implementation of high-quality train products in combined transport between Rotterdam and the Ruhr area.
KombiRail Europe B.V. logo


The company was founded in order to be able to meet the special logistical requirements in the field of combined transport and the requirements of customers.

Helrom GmbH

HELROM owns proprietary rail wagon and rail terminal technology. The HELROM technology allows us to transport all standard semi-trailers on rail.
Helrom GmbH logo

Froidcombi SA

Based on this experience, Froidcombi has established itself as a key player in the transport of fresh and frozen products as well as for messaging.
Froidcombi SA logo

ERS Railway GmbH

ERS Railways is the Hupac Group branch for maritime inland transportation. Founded in 1994, ERS has 25 years of expertise in intermodal services for maritime containers.
ERS Railway GmbH logo

EUROGATE Intermodal GmbH

EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM) keeps your business moving with tailor-made combined transport services for maritime containers. Headquartered in Hamburg, we offer competitive rail and road connections.
EUROGATE Intermodal GmbH logo

European Gateway Services B.V.

Since 2009, European Gateway Services has been offering a wide variety of intermodal and synchromodal transport services between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the centres of Western Europe.
European Gateway Services B.V. logo

zigsXpress GmbH

Our focus is mainly on the provision of block train traffic. We offer our customers regional and national block train transports in order to primarily cover the transport of container transports.
zigsXpress GmbH logo

TMR Logistics

Our goal is to strengthen the region Örebro with a strong locally located terminal operator.
TMR Logistics logo

Skanerail BV

Skanerail is your direct connection from the Terminal Emlichheim (D) / Coevorden (NL) to the heart of Sweden. We offer you possibilities in time and money management with a sustainable flexibility.
Skanerail BV logo

Schwaiger Cargo GmbH & Co. KG

We are an international intermodal freight forwarder. With our own container terminal, we are connected to the largest ports in Europe. The ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Trieste.
Schwaiger Cargo GmbH & Co. KG logo


Rail Container it is a company that has as the main target, the excellence for domestic and international transports in intermodal system, ensuring the high quality in the whole logistic chain.

RAlpin AG

RAlpin AG is domiciled in Olten and operates the Rolling Highway through the Swiss Alps. Every year it transfers around 100,000 trucks from road to rail.
RAlpin AG logo

Novatrans S.A. (Greenmodal Transport)

Novatrans and Greenmodal have combined their respective skillsets to become a major player in 3R combined transport: River / Rail / Road in France and Europe.
Novatrans S.A. (Greenmodal Transport) logo

Multi Modal Rail B.V.

Multi Modal Rail has a mission to provide the best customer experience for the movement of intermodal volumes using sustainable modalities. We do it by being pro-active green connections setting.
Multi Modal Rail B.V. logo

Move Intermodal nv

Move Intermodal offers integrated door-to-door transport solutions throughout Europe. Our intermodal services guarantee you the best solution for your logistical needs.
Move Intermodal nv logo

METRANS /Danubia/, a.s.

METRANS is one of the market leaders in intermodal transport.
METRANS /Danubia/, a.s. logo

KCG Knapsack Cargo GmbH

From the chemical park to the world. At Knapsack Cargo, our combined transport services are consistently designed to link road, rail and water.
KCG Knapsack Cargo GmbH logo

Flexiwaggon AB

Flexiwaggon offers new and unique solutions for intermodal freight transports on railways and roads. It enables lorries, buses, cars and containers to be transported on the same wagon.
Flexiwaggon AB logo

CargoBeamer AG

In intermodal transport, we are offering smart solutions for transporting both craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers by rail in an environmentally friendly manner.
CargoBeamer AG logo