Captrain‘s Rail Experience platform wins award for gamified training

Captrain‘s Rail Experience platform wins award for gamified training
© Captrain Deutschland

The award highlights exceptional learning tools incorporating gamification for education or training purposes.

Captrain Deutschland's "Rail Experience" learning platform has been recognised at the Serious Play Conference in Toronto with the silver medal in the "International Serious Play Award."

The platform was co-developed by Wegrand, a leader in digital knowledge transfer, offering a novel approach to training railway workers. The mobile learning platform blends interactive content, simulations, and mini-games, mimicking real-life work scenarios to enhance training comprehension. The platform's design facilitates individualised learning experiences and encourages networking among trainees. Furthermore, its adaptability means other railway firms can modify it to their specific requirements.

As Henrik Dürremann, Managing Director of Captrain Deutschland GmbH, emphasises, “Quality training ensures a steady influx of adept and enthusiastic specialists for us and other railway enterprises.” And having quality staff is on the urgent agenda of most of the railway companies today.

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