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IoT in Freight Rail: How to Go Beyond Track and Trace

IoT in Freight Rail: How to Go Beyond Track and Trace

13th December, free of charge webinar on this topic is held by the IoT specialists from A1 Digital (part of the A1 Telekom Austria group). The company's customers include Rail Cargo Austria, Rail & Sea and Bündner Güterbahn. The main speaker is Jürgen Rudolf, Innovation management and senior expert in IoT solutions in rail from A1 Digital.

From a technical point of view, a lot has happened since the beginning of rail freight transport around two hundred years ago. Driven by digitization, numerous innovations have been introduced in the industry, especially in recent years. Classic track and trace applications are now mostly standard in freight transport. Companies collect a lot of valuable data through which they could profit much more than is currently the case. For example, position data is collected for enhanced disposition, but the logical linking of data to real added value for operations and additional use cases often falls by the wayside.

In this context, technical progress in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning enables many interesting uses, some of which could be implemented with relatively little effort.

For all these reasons, A1 Digital, a technology service provider for IoT, cloud, network, and security, will talk about use cases based on intelligent data analysis that goes far beyond classic track and trace on their webinar.

  • Why data is the new raw material in rail freight transport
  • Rail Insight as your "ticket" to the world of the Internet of Things
  • Advanced logistics solutions, predictive applications, and more
  • What sets A1 Digital apart?
Target audience:
  • Freight rail operators
  • Logistics companies
  • Rental services in the freight rail sector
  • Anyone interested in IoT technology in rail

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