ČD Cargo introduces a new simulator

ČD Cargo introduces a new simulator
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The simulator, which is an exact copy of the driver's cab of a Siemens Vectron locomotive, will be mandatory for drivers every two years.

Drivers use the simulator on lines based on the real railway network. At present, lines within the Moravian and Salesian regions of the Czech Republic are available. The lines were selected to include the most frequently used types of interlocking. These are automatic block, automatic signal block and control, command and signalling according to D3 rules.

"Traffic safety is an absolute priority for ČD Cargo. That is why every two years, our drivers undergo individual training on the simulator under the guidance of a lecturer from the Transport Training Institute. Here they can try out, for example, reacting to signaling equipment failures on the line, driving a train under the ETCS supervision, but they will also deal with emergency situations they may encounter in regular operation," said Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo.

"Train hard, fight easy. Preventing emergencies, reacting correctly in an extraordinary situation, is one of the important prerequisites to better manage traffic, to improve safety on the railway. This year, we have as a main theme the preparation for ETCS supervised operation. I see the commissioning of the new simulator as an important milestone enabling a simpler transition to the new train control system," added Martin Kupka, Czech Minister of Transport.

The simulator is also equipped with signalling systems used on ČD Cargo locomotives, such as LS 06, Mirell or ETCS Level 2. In connection with the expansion abroad, the simulator is also equipped with signalling systems of foreign railways (e.g. SHP, LZB or PZB). The simulator is supplied by Sim Factor, a company well known for supplying similar equipment to Poland, Austria, the UK, Lithuania and other countries.

© CD Cargo
© CD Cargo
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