European Loc Pool expands fleet with additional Euro9000 locomotives

European Loc Pool expands fleet with additional Euro9000 locomotives

European Loc Pool (ELP), a provider of locomotive leasing services, has recently announced the acquisition of 10 new Euro9000 locomotives.

This addition follows the successful homologation of the Euro9000 in the Netherlands and Belgium, marking another achievement in the partnership between ELP and Stadler, which began in 2018.

The Euro9000 locomotive, known for its high performance in the European Rail Freight Industry, features a tractive effort of 500 kN and a dual operational mode – up to 1.9 MW in diesel and 9 MW in electric. A key feature of the Euro9000 is its 'boost' ability on 3kV DC tracks, enhancing its electric power by integrating diesel engine power to achieve a combined performance of 7.7MW at the wheel. This technology allows for up to 50% higher loading capacity.

As the initial customer for the Euro9000, ELP placed its first order of ten locomotives with Stadler in May 2019. Since mid-2023, following operational clearances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium, the Euro9000 has been active across European rail networks.

With this new order, ELP's fleet now comprises 124 locomotives, including 84 EuroDual and 40 Euro9000 models. Willem Goosen, CEO of European Loc Pool, commented on the expansion, highlighting that over 100 locomotives have been deployed on long-term full-service leases. He emphasized the company's successful growth and the continued preference of existing customers to augment their fleets with ELP's locomotives, coupled with a comprehensive full-service package.

This order comes shortly after ELP procures 10 additional EURODUAL locomotives at the end of December 2023, reflecting the company's ambition to continually innovate in the European Rail Freight Market with its portfolio of 6-axle hybrid locomotives.

The newly ordered Euro9000s are expected to be delivered towards the end of 2025 and the beginning of 2026.

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