More open-top wagons from GBX Leasing Europe to Freightliner PL

More open-top wagons from GBX Leasing Europe to Freightliner PL
© Freightliner PL

Within a month, the Polish bulk rail carrier received 55 Eamnos open box wagons from a leasing company of Greenbrier.

Polish rail freight carrier Freightliner PL is not only strengthening its locomotive fleet. It has recently increased its rolling stock in use by grain hoppers. And its fleet of open-box wagons is also now reaching around 500 wagons. That is thanks to a batch 35 and, most recently 20, Eamnos wagons received from Greenbrier Europe.

GBX Leasing Europe has provided these wagons capable of reaching 100 km/h when loaded and 120 km/h empty with a maximum load capacity of 22.5 t/axle. With 57 m3 of space, they can be loaded up to 72 tonnes.

These wagons were produced in Greenbrier Europe Wagony Świdnica, a manufacturing plant in the south-west of Poland and are leased via GBX Leasing Europe.

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